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Mama Jane

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Hi growers.

This is germination complete, first soaking in water for 8 hours then placing in wet tissue. Two and a half days later we could see 

shell had split and left them another 12 hours before putting to coco and watered at around 6ph, the germination was plain tap water.







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First things first, hope you all well and staying safe as possible?

It was looking good first thing as had a quick look and could see 2 new arrivals, Sweet Valley Kush which was

already free from seed casing. After giving them a mist over left them for a bit to stand up more so i could get

at the seed casing  of Banana Krumble but no chance even later, at this point i give a good drop on top maybe

to soften a little, hours later still no movement. after a struggle getting hold of the dam seed it give way

however not how i would have liked. (you'll understand looking at pics) 

I opened the seed case once it was off you can in the pics, that husk wasn't easy to pull off the shell stuck like glue. 

The casing appears to have 2 parts to shell as well as the membrane of the embryo, on pics seed casing resembles

that of a nut in thickness compared to size, however not actually sure if any different than any normal seed as 

i have not taken any notice of seed casing thicknesses in the past.

Shouldn't be a problem Mama will take care of baby.

bye for now jane












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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi growers.

Now at 10 days young the seedlings have been steadily producing there root system, the Kush has a strong root

system showing at the bottom unfortunately Krumbles root has not achieved the same growth rate but it will

catch up. 

Growth above soil has been slow but improving now, and hope to see nice improvement over the coming week,

they have been raised closer to the light and humidifier added the the space R/H now 65-70% great improvement

and temperature between 25-27c when the light is on and doesn't drop under 19c which i am happy about.

So far they have had only one dose of a root stimulant and 40 ml of water PH 5.7-6 daily from day 4. after a re pot

in next few days i will start to give them very mild doses of the vegetative feed.

A couple of the pictures show them at 1 day  and the set up but not the actual distance the plants are from lamp, 

and 2 that were taken today at day 10, no need for labels yet as Krumble has no seed leaf.


Edit- its not soil it is coco.







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  • 2 weeks later...

Good morning growers.


Just popping in for end week three update. Personally, the best news i have for you is the root system is strong and has reached the bottom of the plug

which will help immensely as they come out of the seedling stage. the home made plugs are not of standard size they measure 200mm in height and

a 100mm a cross the top.


  • IMG_20200628_080027.thumb.jpg.de3e06a46d5b24d22438aec5fc678750.jpg

Here we see side view of the sweet valley kush starting on 20% strength of keep it simple powder, (grow).




Sweet Valley Kush top view a little pale but she will bounce back:girlhospital:



Now for the injured little girl Banana Krumble now looking healthier than her sister, now feeding 0.2g/litre @5.7-6 ph



Banana Krumble top view.


Bifta rolled and out for smoke:drag: :kiss:


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Hi growers.


Quick update after 3 days of feeding, photos were taken on the 1st of July.


I thought it was a nice idea to add height guide on the Banana Krumble photo to keep a closer eye on her development.


Another 3 days from now we will be adding an HPS 250w, then the 2 different spectrum's will be used on alternate days

in order to hopefully encrouage some branch growth.



Banana Krumble, little over 55mm tall 4 internodes and the 5th set of leaves out of the top.



Sweet Valley Kush, started a bit of LST mostly because of her height.



Babies side by side.



Side by side with a view of the enviroment monitor.



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Hi growers.


@OG.Naj thank you, i am happy to hear that. :dancing:


The two little girls will be on there 28th day tomorrow, it is time to make it a bit more interesting by adding another 2 Banana Krumble, also

2 Cloud Walker.


Cloud Walker the new edition, the plan is a lot of bending and probably an early flower



A small change from the last germination instead of using tap water with above 7ph i lowered to just under 6ph. This time for germination i will use

coco jiffy pellets in stead of the tall plugs as the Cloud walkers will go into their finishing pots.





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Good evening growers.


After 16hrs of soaking in the ph'ed water all 4 seeds were moved to wet kitchen paper. another 36hrs later both the cloud walker and 1 of the

banana krumble had cracked and grew a small tap roots.



2 out of 2 CW.



1 out of 2 BK.



Cracked seeds to coco jiffy's. The banana Krumble has the stick for ID.



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Hi growers.:kissing:


Little update on progress of the latest additions to the garden.



Sorry about the red tint it was HPS day. Born on the 7th of July here before you are 1 Banana Krumble and 1 Cloud Walker,  the other Banana Krumble

has now cracked and placed in a coco jiffy, which leaves us with 100% germination so far in this thread.:danced:





MH day better quality photographs. Today the 8th of July the last of the Cloud Walker appeared now waiting for the Krumble.


The last 2 photographs show the LST on the young plants so far.


Banana Krumble.



Sweet Valley Kush.


Thanks for looking, jane.

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I can tell which camera he uses for @Mama Jane photos, they have a very good sharpness
 Great control over plants from small

 Very good work

 😉 👍


Puedo saber que cámara usa para las fotos @Mama Jane tienen una nitidez muy buena

Gran control sobre las plantas ya desde pequeñas 

Muy buen trabajo 

😉 👍 

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Very kind words @R.G.S, i try to do my best. 


Somehow i have misplaced my camera, fortunately i have my phone which does it best.


Very soon we can open up the plugs to reveal the root system in order to get the older girls in there finishing pots.


Until next time jane.

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Hi growers.


On this visit to the garden i re-potted the Banana Krumble and Sweet Valley Kush in to there finishing pots. the last 2 days they have

been given just PH 6 water and from today the feeding has been changed to short flowering at .5g/l and will be raised during this week.


Lighting, both the MH and HPS 250w have been removed. however been replaced by SUPERHPS 400w. claims 132 par watts, help me 

out please any good. Bulb made by power plant.


All pictures taken on the 11th of July



Banana Krumble on the left, Sweet Valley Kush on the right.


Banana Krumble


Sweet Valley Kush


There last day under 250w.


Look the first Banana Krumble has taken to a Jacuzzi, not yet got her roots out the hydro ton. I had to have a change of plan the other

Banana Krumble and Cloud Walkers are in little paper cups as i have ran low on coco.


Much love to all. One love friends



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I popped in to say hello and post a couple of pictures so i can keep an easy record of the day the roots appeared out of the hydro ton

and into water. At this point I lowered the water level to about 30mm below net pot, lets see how fast they develop.


First top view of Banana Krumble DWC



More like a Root Spa than Jacuzzi. the babies little roots.



jane. :bye:

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi Mama,


interesting project, the roots look fine. But there is one question bothering my mind.......why do you let the plants start flowering while being so small?? Dont you have enough space in heighth or why is that?? The plants look fine but they would produce more / bigger buds if you give them more time.....


The next thing I would like to ask.....why do you germinate seeds this way??In one of your posts I could read you had difficulties with one of them, because it was "slippery", if I understood that right. Looking across this forum, I see many guys germinating seeds in tissues, and then putting them into soil...It is very easy to damage the seedling this way and I would rather recommend to put the seed directly into soil and let it germinate there, because the same thing would happen in nature;)  However this is not meant negatively and just a question.



thanks for your answer and wish you a nice harvest:)

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Hello everyone.:firstmove:


@hunt_a_blunt, germination in paper is how we have always done, only the last 10 yrs have we been soaking first.

Flowering this quick as we want some produce, from today the DWC baby will be on 12 hour cycle at 4 weeks young.


Sorry no news for 3 weeks, now at 4 weeks old the DWC Banana krumble is doing well. the roots are fine but fighting to keep

the water temperature down, sits around 19c.


now feeding on .5g/l short flower powder feeding and staying between 5.8-6.0 ph.


First she models her roots





After a little LST you can see her first from the rear  and then from the side.





The last of todays modeling is a front picture in which we have tops coming threw nicely. Sencond is of her top.





See you all soon, thx for stopping by.


jane.  :sungum:

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Hi Mama,


well I highly recommend you to germinate seeds in soil. And I recommend not to touch them. When I have fresh seeds and use soil which is especially for germination I do not have any problem and the germination rate is about 98-100%. The 2% that wont germinate are old seeds then, or are not powerful enough to keep them anyways. Besides, you cannot damage the root and kill the seed or harm it seriously.


I first started to germinate in wet tissues, but found it somehow stressfull to keep the moisture.....Putting them in a little hole (1cm) and carefully put soil on top works perfect and you dont have to focus on anything. I keep the soil moist. not wet, and then check once daily to see if I add a bit of  water or not. Actually the longest I had to wait for the little babies to come out was 7 days.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi growers.


12 days since last entry. After taking the photographs last time we topped the Banana Krumble then gave her her first 12hrs

dark period.


The feeding has been increased slightly to 0.6g/l of short flowering powder feeding at around 6ph. Temperature issues forced

us to add the external reservoir earlier than id liked, now refilling with 30l instead of 12l at change.


This is her on the 12th of August the day i put the cage on.



Like we already said i cut the top off at change of cycle. (lets see how she behaves)



The top view.



The largest top out of 10.



Side view of another.



Take care, love to all and see you soon.



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