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Test grow on Silverback and Cloud Walker

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Thank you José and Green house for this amazing oppotunity. I Will start germinating the seeds laiter today.


The grow room is 20m2 with 2x600w HPS. Grow media is soil in 14l pots and I Will be using Remo Nutrients full series. 


Veg time Will be 4-6 weeks, because I am finishing a project with a cross between a Chemdog cut from back in 2008 (Franco gave me 10 seeds back then, and this one was chousen as the Mother) and a male Strawberry Couch from back in around 2000. I Will poste a picture of it laiter. Its in week 4 in flower and needs atleast 4-5 more weeks to finish. 


The LID (light intensity of the Day) Will be controlled according to the LID charge made by Fluence Bioenginering. 


The HVAC Will be Controlled on All 3 parameters to asure the optimal VP Through out the entire grow. The aim is to have a constant Day and night temperature with 29-35 celsius on Day and 22-24 on night, only in the last 2 weeks of flower Will the night temperature be dropped to around 10-15 c and ice Will be added to the top layer of the soil All to provoake the natural colors that autum bringes. 


Once again thanks for this amazing oppotunity. It sure is an Honor. 






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So here we go. Soaking the beans 😋. 


I Will transplant Them in to 14L pots once they have 2 sets of fan leafes and let Them grow for 3-4 weeks on 18/6 and then follow the LID charge made by Fluence Bioenginering until they are on 12/12.  


I Will try to keep the humiddity very high Through out the entire growth and let the VP be controlled by the humiddity rather  then the temperature. This requrie temperatures in the range of 29-35 degreese celsius, a lot of ventilation to push the air around so it dont condensate on the leafes, a humidifier to get the humiddity to 80-86%, and perhaps some Regulator+ from Aptus to help the plantes from getting stressedwith the high temperatures. In week 4 i Will drop the humiddity to around 70-80 and maby put more ventilations in the room once the buds begin to harden up. 


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On 18.6.2020 at 7:35 AM, OG.Naj said:

Nice room 👌


These nutrient line is a good one, I use it before with great results. 

Little advice with this line is to cut off the calmag at week 4,5 -5 😉

Thanks for the advice OG. Naj i Will try to remember that when the time Come 😊

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Sorry for not reporting on this Grow before but I have had some problems with Spidermites in the grow room and was forced to take the whole room down in order to clean the intiere room. Thats why I have made 2 new sproughts and placed them in my greenhouse. This was done back in the end of June and I took two pictures of the plants when they where about 4 weeks old.

Silver Back.jpg

Cloud walker.jpg

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