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Today when I come to the forum and login I report about 26/7 SPAM posts one of which was from last Thursday.

Usually when I visit the forum I do not always login if I am just having a quick look to see what is new, but if and when I spot a SPAMMY post I quickly login and then visit the SPAM post and click the link at the top of the post that is marked Report post and then when the dialogue box opens I type SPAM and click the button in the bottom right corner marked Submit Report and when the dialogue box closes I leave the page and continue browsing the forum.

When forum users report SPAM posts promoting crap like male enhancement pills then it makes it easier for the moderators to delete the posts and user accounts to clean up.

When you submit a report you do not even have to type anything you can just click the button marked Submit Report and the moderators will know they need to check it out.

So come on guys click that link and report the SPAMMY posts when you see them it only takes 2 clicks.

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Joined other cannabis forums that suffer same problem, limiting membership or clamping down on users.

Neither seems to work when the forums must also remain anonymous.

Catch 22.


Just thought I should mention, I found the forum function confusing.

It is starting to make more sense as I read more sections.

Notice a lot of people registering over the last 15 minutes.




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Hi Guys,

It's been a while since I posted. I'm sorry about all the spammers. I'll see if I can put some extra protections inside. We were thinking of removing the forum completely, however, I think we will leave it for the time being. I'll start a poll to see what the general feeling is. 


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@admin the people at Invision Community provide a solution called IPS Spam Defense https://invisioncommunity.com/features/spam/

Here is the information about this in the software guides https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/security-and-rules/spam-prevention-r9/

From what I have read this service is free if you have an active license.

I am not familiar with this software because you have to pay to get a copy and check it out, so I have not read the support guides is it possible to throttle the number of posts a new user can create so SPAMMERS cannot just register and then create a shit load of SPAM posts?

Admins logging into the forum regularly to check for and delete SPAM posts would help to keep the activity timeline clean even if you don't have an active license.

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