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Achieving a perfect mane is sometimes an impossible mission. Whether for having dry hair, with a tendency to frizz or break, the truth is that the state of the hair inevitably conditions our image.

And not only that! Healthy hair also reflects the good condition and care of our body. To avoid persistent problems in our hair or that they degenerate until it ends in broken and weakened hair, in Campolongo we want to give you some tips with which getting perfect hair will be a little easier. Discover them!

Using cold water when washing our hair folexin vs biotin will make it shine more . However, the full wash does not need to be with cold water. You can start with warm water and the final rinse can be done with cold water.

But, most importantly: avoid extremely hot water! It can dry out hair and help weak and brittle effect.

It seems implausible, but it's true! By cutting the ends of the mane relatively frequently, it is possible to enhance hair growth.

To get that plus in centimeters of our mane, it is necessary, at least, a cut of the tips every two months.

The best care and the latest in cutting and hairstyle trends with Campolongo
In addition, in our beauty center in Pontevedra we offer you different alternatives in hairdressing treatments , thanks to which you can take care of your hair while achieving a fresh and fresh look.

Our professionals will provide you with personalized advice and advice , the best and most suitable for your specific hair.

Does your hair need extra care? Visit us now and let us pamper you!

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