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Autumn Winter Spring - photoperiod grow

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Seeds dropped around end of March. Plants got held back as i started in medium without nutrients.


Fast forward 14 weeks 


Since it was Autumn going into winter - they had hybrid treatment with 20 hours/4 hours darkness. So they got all the day light plus T5 lights to make up the gap.



The 23rd June -  reduced the hours to 14 hours darkness and 10 hours light ( 6-7 hours direct sun), then patchy and sun is gone from the valley by 4pm , so i bed them at 5pm and up at 7 am with T5 ligts till 8am when the sun hits their spot.


Super Lemon Haze



Liberty Haze



Durban Poison



Bubba Kush



Sun for the girls



Light dep cage/tent



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He he hee, nice plants! I love the little carriage to move the plant in the dark !


Light deep tech is the way for a 1 quality outdoor weed :good: 


Keep us updated brother, thanks for sharing!

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On 6/26/2020 at 6:30 AM, gasmeter said:

@SmokeyfromOz great job your plants look really healthy they are definitely enjoying the sunshine :good:


Thankyou Gasmeter. Winter in my part of Australia, the nights are chilly, never really below 0c (32F), but the days are nice in the low 20s, so perfect for the girls then,  summer days can be a bit hot i think:drinks:


On 6/27/2020 at 7:51 AM, jsm said:

doing a great job over there my friend ,your girls are looking great !! :clapping:  

Hey JSM, thank you my friend. The girls did have  a few issues during bloom period, will explain more below:drinks:



On 7/2/2020 at 1:13 PM, OG.Naj said:

He he hee, nice plants! I love the little carriage to move the plant in the dark !


Light deep tech is the way for a 1 quality outdoor weed :good: 


Keep us updated brother, thanks for sharing!

Thanks Naj, the girls love their carts, they sit in them during the day and the carts drop them back home. Yes i did Bro, it  was my first light dep this season, otherwise would have to wait forever . I gave the girls 14 weeks veg all up.




Belated up date


Super Lemon Haze - she has purple in her, from the cold night as does Bubba Kush, looks nice and they dont seem to be suffering much,  Durban Poison on the other hand is fully of aplhids in her buds, so a bucket wash for sure with her buds, the other girls are super healthy apart from  a few yellowing leaves and slight PH issue to due to soil dyring out.


I started light depth 23rd june. They are currently as 7 weeks 3 days.

Super Lemon Haze ( GHSC states 10 weeks indoor ), so she has about 3 weeks left maybe, trichs will be the deciding factor

Durban, Liberty, and Bubba, their breeders say 8-9 weeks.


Hahaha my DIY extraction fan, found it cheaper to make one, a passive system so air comes in naturally, downside i had is humidity, but keep it well circulated in their with fans.


 Ladies in bed with their T5 lights ( Light depth is 12/12, means lights on till 7pm and then on again at 7am)



Super Lemon Haze , other girl next to here is a newbie  ChemOG, massive leaves up to 27cm



Liberty Haze - her top



All the ladies and future girls


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