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shiva dog

bunk genetics? is it a possibility that they get through to the customer?

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i purchased 5 different packs and out of all five.. none went past the germ stage if that far, most just rotted. where the other strains from other seed co., being germed in the same time and in the same envronment did excellent. i still have a few of the church, and two of the white widow, 1 AMS, and an arjans haze 3... is there any way to rectify this or am i just out the cash? i would even be willing to test something new and send back the ones i have left that are still color coded and in the breeder packs. just curious, because i ordered from GHS from the rep i had heard so much about and now i believe it was all hype.

very unhappy customer!!!

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this might help:

Home>F.A.Q.>Germination>Does Green House guarantee 100% germination?

Does Green House guarantee 100% germination?


Green House Seed Company will send a replacement of seeds to growers who followed the instructions on our website but did not obtain germination. This could be due to bad storage or transport issues (rapid gaps in air temperature and pressure due to airmail could in rare cases damage the viability of the seeds).


To receive a replacement for seeds that failed to germinate you have to:

-use the contact form on this website to fill in a complaint.

-Include in your message:

• complete name and addres

• proof of purchase of the seeds

• description of the germination method used and/or pictures

For germination instructions please look here.

Take care

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I think you can never expect 100% germ rates and your case was most likely your ger methos,specially if they rotted out and in that case your others would of too

I had a similar case with big buddhas cheese 3 packs of 10 and I got like 3 to germ,I thought man it been a while since I done seeds so ordered my next lot,done same thing and got 100% germ rate,I was going to contact milo but thought he might think im just trying to scav free seeds so I just took it as a oss,expensive one to as there £45 for 10,il just never buy them again,I got 2 singles of his blue cheese in the next lot I got and 100% germ and there beasts

I do think GHS is nice in this respect but im guessing youve already hated on them like most before contacting them,now il be sticking with ghs regardless of hate I read,I buy 5 of there seeds and they dont germ,il contact.

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