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Hello,I'm a small grower who believes I have a strain of Australian Bastard Cannabis found by growing some really old seeds.The plant grows like a bush,strange spacing,has a very different taste and banana like protrusions growing out of the buds.Any info on this would much be appreciated.





Identify This One.jpg

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Hello @Danno, welcome to the StrainHunters Forum!


The banana is a stamen, a part of a male flower, They can come because your plant have some hermaphrodite tendency or they can come on stressed plant like light leaks or bad light management or other stress factor. These stamen can release some pollen and pollinate some female flower (calyx + pistils) and make seeds out of your buds,


Your plant dont look like a true "Bastard strain" when i see the leaf shape but they look like a "reveg" plant.


When you grow indoor you need to be sure that your plant have 12h of light and 12h of darkness without any light in the darkness time! It is really important. And the genetic stability you use is important too ;-)


Hope that help you brother

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I have grown this plant 3 times now and i havent seen an open pod,but i have had seed from my plants,this is an odd plant to grow but the high seens to effect the other side of the brain,uplifting and motivated,menthol to spearment tast.

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