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So I tried to make an account with other weed growing forums but didn't feel very comfortable to many judgemental peeps out there living perfect lives lol. Anyway I'm going to delete my other forum accounts so I don't get confused about certain shit. I hope to make some buds like other growers who love marijuana like me. I asked alot of people and friends if they'd join me and of course in the beginning it's all yeah fucking Rights,and then when it came to purchasing items for the grow room like TO High output grow lights just for mother and clones they said yeah I'll buy that and mean while I'm sending away for some CMH bulbs One 3k and 4k bulbs which cost me a pretty penny. Anyway I love growing now it's only been under 2 months or so. I also have super mutant mass I plan on germinating soon. Just a few pics of super critical.



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