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High Guys


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High Guys,


just registered and thought it is a nice idea to introduce myself to the community. I think its awesome to get in touch anonymously and exchange information, experience and in general...positivity. I hope to find interesting reports here and friendly people who also like to share their experience etc. Since english is not my native language I apologize in advance for misunderstandings or seemingly stupid questions:)


I am into growing for about 20 years, and from day 1 it was a passion......I would have loved to grow more as I did, but being a careful character I did it when I could assure 99% of safety;) At the moment I am very happy to grow again, but I am sure I will start a report soon, because my little ladies are just in week 2 of flowering.....Again.......Hello to everyone, may your plants be vital and your projects secure and succesful.....greetz

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Well, at the moment you can see Critical Orange Punch and Ed Rosenthal Superbud/NL in my report........It´s always difficult to decide if you cannot grow 20 strains at a time,lol. I guess my next project would include some cheese genetic and then, depending on what I may choose there....something that will be of "Equal" flowering time. There are lots of varieties I am interested in but defo cheese will be next. Maybe you could recommend a cheese strain to check on?? greetz


I will update my report at the end of the week, when day 21 is reached.

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