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300watt LED Mainline


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Good afternoon everyone, it's my first time on a forum like this. I'm currently growing 2x purple haze and a King tut. I'm mainlining them, their at 9weeks veg under a 300w LED. I'm thinking my girls are a bit small, but I wonder how long should I keep them in veg before I switch to flower. I made a 3rd topping and plan to stick to 8 colas


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Hello GreenGuy36 and wellcome to forum :)


They look beautiful :)  You should wait at least until they are 4/5 weeks old. From then on, whenever you want.

Ideally, wait until they are the right size, before going into flowering. Indica plants double their size during flowering, sativa strains triple their size, some slightly more...

Depending on the height you have available, you can start earlier or later.

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