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Asked to introduce myself so here goes. I’m not real old, but I’m old enough to have my first visit to the Greenhouse be in 1995. Grew for a long time (US) and then took a break. Back at it now and ended up here because I have standards. At this point in life I’m mostly interested in landraces and sativas. I’m also intrigued by autoflower and have run a few indoors and out. Starting a self-designed masters program this fall that I hope will produce a usable cannabis curriculum for university students. And one that addresses the whole plant and history. 

I spent some years in commercial (non-cannabis horticulture) and my current day job is Industrial Hygiene (occupational health for Europeans). Because of that I’ve got knowledge in indoor air quality, measurement, control, ventilation and similar. Happy to share that knowledge. I do some consulting in the legal cannabis sector and can’t say I like the big commercial grows or their products. 

Finally, an anecdote from sitting at the bar in the Greenhouse back in the day. Talking to the budtender who asked where I was from (MI) and we chatted because I was living in west Michigan with its large Dutch population. The tender told me that as the Netherlands got more and more liberal/libertarian on social issues after WWII, the super religious and conservative left for Michigan. He apologized on behalf of his country and it’s made me chuckle every time I deal with a west Michigan Dutch person being an asshole. And as an American I know the feeling of having to apologize for my nation’s assholes.

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Thanks! I’ve got some (probably modern) Durban Poison going now. I have some Malawi/NL auto and Zmedelica auto on the way for my little cab. Building out a second, larger space and think I’ll start with Bangi Haze there. (Obviously an Ace Seeds order on the way.) Intrigued by autoflower but haven’t gotten any through that I’m really happy with. Always interested in recs.


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