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Hi hunters, 


Because retarded with the virus, finally I can enjoy the price for my win last year.


I create this topic to share with all of you this little trip. 


I was arrived today at the GH office and what a hot welcom all the crew give me! They show me the office and... I was be able to see the seeds vault with all the old and new genetics the germination table, the seeds packaging area. The nutrients packaging and the nutrients and merchandising storage. And for finish ... the @jan.gh busy working place :-)


After the office visite, i was taken to the apartment where I will stay for the 4 days.


Following the next episode with the first GH coffeshop I will visited...



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Thanks guys,


The first GH coffeeshop was the Green House central and the first weed smoke was a really nice Hawaiian Haze. Nice sativa with a little lemony touch. Perfect for the afternoon. The second was an classic one, The Super Lemon Haze. The lemon terps are crazy hazy fresh lemony. After i test the Karel Haze from Super Sativa Seeds Club.


After the GH shop i was go to the Plug coffeeshop because i want to taste the Tha Melon strain (melon x biker kush)



Tomorrow I will smoke the G-unit and Karel Haze.






To finish my first day in Dam, I went to the Indian restaurant. What a wonderful tasty experience!







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The second day was crazy busy, i see and talk with so many different people about cannabis, strains, history. A really productive day in the Amsterdam cannabis cloud.


But i need to start at the beginning of the day... I started the day with a good coffee and a good joint of Super Silver Haze in the GH Coffeeshop Centrum



After that i go to the Dampking coffeeshop for testing the old school sativa like the A5, the C5 and the Old school Haze!

This smoke sesh was absolutly amazing, reql old school terps and pure clear high!

And just befor i want to go i received a wonderfull little gift... the original Guava Gelato (or Gellatti). Cut only strain, mother of the famous Sweets strain fro Karma Genetics



Afterwards, I went back to the GH coffeshop to wait for friends with a nice little bud of weed (sorry i dont remember the strain^^)



And because it was really tasty yesterday we go back at the Indian Restaurant i went the day before....

One more time it was delicious and it was a very interesting moment of sharing and laughing...




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On the third day, I started the day with a super stoned lunch. (Certainly one of the best in town) The one and only English Breackfast from the GreenHouse CoffeeShop United




After lunch, I spent a moment at the GH Coffeeshop Centrum to taste different kinds of traditional hash with a real old connaisseur...

What a great time !





And finally we visit the city and some beauty places all the afternoon with friends to finish the day we have been in a wonderful Thai restaurant







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