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cbd future in the remote areas


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sorry i no understand fully the entry fields.

am a new sign-up, done it just now, so maybe i can ask what is going on with procuring seeds.

my area has a most condusive climate but also has prevalent poverty, & awry law & order.

one can see that seeds are too expensive to order online & virtually non-existent locally.

if i can't find leads to effectively get seeds here@s, it will still be worth exploring this site for the many related topics.


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me, Donal.

Life is tougher since the covid19.

i surmise that more & more are still into homegrown & even industry scale.

many, like me, would've liked to get seeds, to start.

many would want to try medi cating but could not.


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as an absolute beginner, 'tho i'd smoked a bit in d late 70s & 80s, i fear, or may be simply chose to be paranoid, starting to grow a plant in our area here in central philippines where it is illegal.

but i just recall now, i did grow once but they (3) died from too much water outdoor. i found out then that even very young leaves can still give me a buzz.

i work in d scuba dive tour industry but being already over 60yrs old i see myself do better doing homegrow for health.

i see, fortunately, there should be lots of info to help a newbie grower in d internet. 

but i also wish to get tips from people who may have effective ideas on growing in 'illegal' areas.

also, maybe about inexpensive seeds for newbie grower. 

within our country , one can try get seeds, or grass, online. 

but there are scams seemingly prevalent. & getting scammed is so pathetic to even admit it.

it's been months since i mulled about how to get seeds now where it used to be that one can get some so easily & totally free. 

thus far, i intend to solicit seeds from online within Philippines but the deal is instead me receiving d seeds before i send the payment.

So here now, i wish anyone here@s will give an opinion.

maybe later i will have to do d usual  deal of sending d payment first, hoping i hit on a good real deal, which I know is out here in Philippines.

hmmm, anybody willing to send me some seeds for which d agreed fee i shall pay later? 

it will be a long route from seeds to harvest, but i intend to sell seeds in similar way (pay later) for those who request. 

i don't know about selling buds to those medically in need. 

but i might sow seeds randomly in between widely remote public areas or islands, if only so that i can point the area for those i know they have relatives who are in pain.

sounds irresponsible, may be. but there already is an area in north Philippines that has had 'grass' use in its community since time unknown.


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Hi donal and welcome to forum :)


I hope you can get seeds for yourself, sometimes just by asking, friends can give some away. Ask your circle of friends.

remember that in this forum it is forbidden to buy - sell seeds, buds, or similar.

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Donal, welcome to the forum. I am not sue in the Phillipines if you had any local seed banks. True the seeds might seem costly, but considering the street price they are worth ti to grow yourself, that way you know what going into the plant.


The Phillipines with the tropical climate the trees would grow well, so you could maybe find a private place to grow outdoors and that would cut costs like electricy  from grow lights etc. used in indoor grows

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