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No luck w/ seedlings?


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Hello friends from around the world! This is my first post here on the forum, so if I break any rules, please don't be angry :)

I started my grow journey two months ago, I thought very hard on every aspect of this grow, to make sure I remain as stealthy and cheap as possible. Therefore I had to make a few key decisions early on, I would have to grow in a spare bathroom in my house (dry but somewhat cold environment), I would have to use LEDs and hydroponics (I live in a small apartment, so I can't really have a bunch of dirt and soil inside my home without bringing too much attention). That being said, let's get down to business!

I started germinating about 65 regular seeds on July 16th. About 30 of them sprouted, more than 20 were sick or too deformed, so I tossed them and kept only the best. If you are unsure how I got more than 60 seeds, I live in south america and retriieved those seeds from brick weed from Paraguay, the strain is known as Landrace Paraguay Sativa. Not the best strain in the world, but enough to get me started.

as you can see, my seedlings did not develop the true cannabis leaves, only three finger leaves. Also, the leaves have this horrible aspect, but I can't put my finger on which deficiency. I tested the pH of the water and luckily the water here is really good for growing. pH about 6.5 to 6.7 and the EC is below 10microSiemens. I bought a bubbler to remove the chlorine from the water. My light is a cheap advertisement as 1000W LED from the internet, (note: it is about 320W and does not have a brand). I posted all the information that came with the light in the package. The temperature of the room varies between 25 and 20º Celsius, the size of the tent is 60cmx60cmx140cm and the light is being kept at ~2000lux (measured with an app from my galaxy s9) converted to about 20microMols. I have not fed these plants yet, my hydroponic nutrients have not arrived.

What is happening to my plants? Why are they not growing? Why do they have only three finger leaves? What is that discoloration? Are they sick? Is it a lack of nutrients?

Sorry if I missed any key information, trying to keep to the rules. Thanks for reading brothers, have a good one ;-)










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The right soil and the right light level are the keys to success. I also had problems with my seedlings. I knew that the problem was in my technique of growing cannabis because I was buying qualitative seeds from a weed store and a top Burlington dispensary. I understood that I wasn't using the right light for them. They were dying because they didn't have enough light. I have invested a little bit in the light and improved the light system, so the seedling started to grow normally and wasn't dying after a few weeks.

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