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Arjuan and the Late Franco are my heros!


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Hey everyone,


My name is Mark and I live just outside New York City in New Jersey where I'm a medical cannabis patient. I'm a HUGE Cannabis Connoisseur who works in the current medical industry and my goal, determination, and drive are all geared towards opening my own LEGAL Grow/Medical Dispensary of my own within the next five years. Furthermore, NJ is set to legalize come November's vote: making NJ the 12th US State to Legalize Adult Use Cannabis for adults age 21 and over (The latest polls show 68% of New Jerseyans being IN FAVOR of FULL LEGALIZATION!) Anyway, I've always loved strain hunters; especially because the focus is far less on consumption and more on the science, botany, horticulture, and organic chemistry. I've always been the EXACT same way! As fascinated as I am with Cannabis, the thing I do the least is actually consuming the stuff...despite being prescribed it legally. I'm terribly sad that Franco passed away. Him and Arjun have been role models of mine for a LONG time now. My dream was to meet them one day too if I was ever so luck. Sadly, for Franco, maybe in the next life. But I'd still LOVE to meet Arjun one day and thank him for his contribution to society in educating people about this miraculous plant! Looking for a new apprentice, Arjun? I'll never ever be a Franco but I promise you, I share the same determination, fascination, curiosity, motivation, intelligence, desire, and overall appreciation for the plant that he did. As he said so eloquently. "Cannabis is my home." I feel the EXACT same way. I know I'll succeed with my business ventures. I'd just love to learn from the best of the best....wink wink, Arjun. 


Anyway, great to meet you all! Happy to be a part of this community! Hope everyone is well and are staying safe! God Bless.


Most Respectfully,

Mark B.

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