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Autoflower strain with low THC (under 0.2 percent)


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Hello guys,
This is my first post, but I am regular visitor of the forum.
I am a great fan of Autoflowering strains and I am willing to start growing exclusively CBD strains to help my insomnia and other health problems.
I am looking for Autoflowering strains with high level of CBD and low THC. From what I see on different seedbanks they offer strains with relatively high levels of THC (more then 0.2 percent) and I am looking to start growing strains with THC levels under 0.2 percent.
I am starting to grow my first indoor grow in Spain and want to grow under the Spanish laws which allow you to grow Cannabis with THC levels under 0.2 percent.
There are already strains mentioned in the law which are industrial hemp which is neither Autoflower neither gives you good buds.
Can you guys help finding nice CBD autoflower seeds with lower THC level then 0.2 percent?
Thank you so much in advance and happy to share a bud with you once I start!


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