Silver Back Strain Test Grow Second Run 2020 - Completed

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Time for a progress update on the 4 Silver Back girls at the end of week 9 of 12/12.

On Friday the dirt in the root pouches was dry and all of the plants felt nice and light so I decided that I would harvest the plants instead of watering them again and then harvesting them on Monday.

So in the afternoon I started to harvest the plants and take some photos during the process.

All of the plants in the grow tent just before harvest.


Silver Back bud porn :drag::maninlove::dancing::danced:
















All of the plants stripped to the main stalks.


All of the bud on the stalks hanging drying.


All of the Silver Back trim.


Lots of smaller bud on a tray drying.


I have put the new spider mite predator sachets on the lines next to the bud haninging on the stalks and the older sachets I have left in the grow tent hing on the floor tray.

I have put the 4 young Doctor plants into the grow tent under the LED and this afternoon I gave them 200ml of water each.

I have emptied the dirt out of the root pouches and tomorrow I will rinse them and clean them, then I will give the bathroom and grow tent a good cleaning as well.

I will update again with a smoke report once the bud is dry.

Happy harvesting... :pleasantry:

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I cleaned the root pouches and rinsed them with lots of warm clean water and let them dry, I cleaned the bathroom and the grow tent and then on Monday I put the new Doctor plants into the root pouches and then I gave them 300ml of water to wet the root ball and the dirt  around it to bed it into the dirt in the root pouch.

Today the Silver Back bud has been drying on the stalk for 1 week and when I snapped a bud off the stalk it made a little crisp snap sound, so I cut all of the bud off the stalks and put it into Kilner jars.

In total there was 130g dry bud from fluffy beanie buds from the bottoms of stalks to 0.5g and 1g buds and over 1g buds from the tops of the stalks, I put those into a Kilner jar on their own, I had to put the last of the Exodus Cheese with the Green House Cheese to free up a jar.

I will leave the large buds from the tops of the stalks to cure they will be nice what is left of the last run has cured nicely.

I am well pleased with the result it was definitely well worth vegging the plants for 8 weeks the bud stacked nicely on the stalk each plant had a minimum of two fox tail like stalks, and the other thing was not compacting the soil and allowing it to settle on its own the root balls were so much bigger allowing the plants to feed better.

I think the CO2 helped things along as well, on the tallest plant the buds had already closed and were rock solid and when I put the CO2 dispenser into the tent the bud on the other plants soon started to fatten up.

Here are some photos I took as I trimmed the bud off the stalk and put them into jars.

Silver Back bud drying on the stalk.


Silver Back bud ready to cut from stalks.


A whole heap of Silver Back buds.


The biggest Silver Back bud and lighter so you can get an idea of size and scale.








All of the biggest Silver Back buds in a plastic icecream tub.


All the average or regular Silver Back buds in a plastic icecream tub.


All of the Silver Back bud in Kilner jars and on the beanie jar on the left is what is left of the last run.


Silver Back bud on grinder ready to make a spliff and see how it smokes.


A spliff of Silver Back bud on the go.


After rolling the spliff I lit it and took 3 deep draws to fill and expand my lungs and then I exhaled and realised I had forgotten to take a photo of the spliff, so I quickly sat the spliff on the grinder and took a photo, what can I say man fire caan quench I luv mi collie.

As before with the first run for me the Silver Back bud smells earthy and herbal, but this time after cutting the bud off the stalk there was a bit of resin on my finger tips and there was a really faint hint of lemon, yet when I smell ed the bud I can't detect it.

When smoked the bud tastes herbal and earthy and there is also a very subtle sour thing going on which definitely gets stronger and richer and deeper as the bud cures.

After writing the sentence above I made a cup of coffee and its now snowing outside, so I rolled a spiff of the bud from the first run and I can confirm the the smell and taste gets stronger, it is I suppose a typical kush like smell earthy and herbal with a vegative smell like before a plant starts flowering, but with this sort of lemony and piney sour even metalic aspect.

The smell and taste definitely becomes more complex as the bud cures I am going to look forwards to letting those bigger buds cure for a few months before I sample them, it will definitely be worth the wait.

In the meantime I still have just over an ounce of GH Cheese and about half and ounce of Exodus Cheese and both are well cured and taste great, I smoked the last spiff of the Cloud Walker a couple of days ago that was lovely and fruity.

Big up Green House Seeds crew and inner luv for the chance to check out these new strains and learn a few things along the way.

Happy growing, harvesting and smoking... :drag::pleasantry:


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