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Hi, hello. To one n all stoners and growers out there... 

Back with this amazing plant as mentioned in my previous post...

Firstly i thank one n all for the amazing knowledge you guys share in this forum form root to tricomes, from soil to seasons n from lats to Langitudes he he he thanks for all..

After reading many posts n threads i got an idea of staring germination by end month of rainy and hot days n giving it one month for veg as season was about to change from long days to long nights where it changes to flowering naturalls and soil was rich in nitrogen with tropical environment and river beside it making it mature fast n  the flowering period was 3-5weeks...



28th day of germinating...


It started flowering on its 32nd day from germination as the days were already changed from long days to long nights....





The lady got some branches and leaves making more for buds going to be released soon...



The pre flowers can been seen and this is from 42nd day from germination... Pics are below






46th day from germination... Buds are froming n frost kinda thing... 













50th day from germination n plant is hoing boom. No stretch but buds are froming with colour... Very interesting n fast froming plant.... Pics are below of 50th day 






54th day from germination n going for some buds fromation under the sun n some coloring of pistils.... Pics below are 54th day of the plant









#58th day from germination, in love with this fast booming plant... Clayx started getting bit juiced and frost too as night are humid n long... Pics below of 58th day of the plant










#62nd day from germination n almost most of fan leaves are gone.... It think its flowering is almost done n sugar leaves are frost n yellow.... Pica below are 62nd day of the plant








#65th day from germination n plant started to shrink bit with all fan leaves gone ... Smells lemon n light mango.... Its the last days of its life spans... 

 Main reason i tried sowing in late long days n early long nights turing season  is to make plant look small n making it boom fast with minimun time limit but still potent small yields and this was trail experiment for next year planting, as i got less seeds of this genetics... 

 N one the name bonsai of topic was becoz the plant looked small n with small yield with less time tooo...  Not original bonsai though... 

Pics below are 65th day of the plant life span








This is my first time n that too experimenting on photoperiod, no pests or fertilizers used... Water is from local river which is full of nutrient n runs beside plant like 6-7 foot away making ideal land for quick growth And without tension of watering the pant too.. plant was watered when sown n on 1st week n 2nd week of veg state,  after that its never been watered... Perfect small Guriella grow near river side.... P.S All credit of swoing the seed n watering n cheking of plant and photos of the plant through life span goes to my stoner friend  who owes the land... Only idea of sowin late n seed is mine... 

Pls do comment n reply for queries.... 

Will come with new post and new plants soon until then #peace #stoned always...

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That's a nice indian landrace! Definitely a sativa one.
I've been in Nepal for 3 months (if you want, check the diary i wrote on this forum) and i've seen a fuckton of those.
For some reason, ALL indica plants i've seen grew TALLER than sativa ones, in Nepal! It was a huge surprise.

But this is nice. It's a tiny plant that actually managed to flower without a male interference. What was it, 0.6/1 ft tall?

Smell/taste are gonna be amazing. Next time try to find a place with a lil more light, and be sure to clean the surrounding ground a little, so the weeds don't come in touch with your plant and you avoid mold issues. Pests, unfortunately, those are gonna be a thing. 
If you can, buy some ladybugs and bring it near the plant, next time. Ladybugs eat pests.

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@LedCherryBerry thanks for the Comment on the plant...  As of you said indica highter or maybe genetically molded stronger with vivid contribution of factors like altitude nor soil, environment etc etc , would have dominated in langitude wise or I don't know a thing or two about it , lol too stoned... Coming to plant as it's sativa and fruity tatse after smoking, milky flavor when smoking.. it was like 1feet n no It wasn't sowed. It just grew when seed was thrown while grinding... so it's like guerilla grown on own.. it's started seeding in flowering photoperiod season... As South India I have seen more sativa varieties but less indica varieties. indica have turned like sativa dominated hybrid with less indica Gene lines... 


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