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Double 315w cmh dimlux problem


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The only adventage of the electronic ballast is that they can dim the power .


I plan one day  to change my set up for a hybride ballast cdm 315w its like a vsa ballast  and only 60€ not dimmable maybe more reliable



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@Mama Jane

I use the cmh in my last grow they give very good result but some problème  with the ballast i totaly open the ballast to test .

one side of the ballast  not start for the price i pay  I am very disappointed its awsome that you can put a lot of lamp on a computer to make sunrise and  sunset  they dim intensity automaticly but my cmh 630w burn 2-3 bulbe after a few mounth of work and one of the  two side  alredy not start  

The electronic  hps work very good no probleme  

But next time i  make it more basic but i keep use the 315w bulb for sure

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