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Home made cab using qauntum board

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If your in the UK or Europe you can get some beans to do a test grow and run a journal here in the forum on this test there are no rules other than wanting to grow.

To buy beans from GHS when you order on the web site to pay using a credit or debit card, during checkout your offered the chance to complete the checkout over on the merchandise web store once there you will have to enter your postal address details again and your order them becomes a fake order for a hoodie or some other merchandise.

When you get the order email it shows what your really ordered some magic beans 😀

You can also pay other ways like by sending cash or bank transfer, but if your having problems get in touch with the staff using the mail form at the link below


They are great and will do their best to help you get some beans. 👍

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Just order from attitude got chemdog and trainwreck , got a kings juice freebie and many other freebie strains sadly no chemical bride :( . its almost time to get ready for outdoor grows 

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Cleared out the cab and change it to 2x3 .three  2 gallon chemdog and one 6 gallon mother ,i know I have to change it back later when they get bigger but this way I get to save power, cab is only vegging at 100 watts which in a 2x3 is more then enough to veg . Also fliping to flower, my 4x4 chemdog I think is big enough, threw my orange gelato into the 4x4 to finish. 











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Threw my mother into a 20 gallon pot  been vegging with only 100 watts qauntum board are next level 

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4x4 chemdog finished 1st week of flower,I turn the power up to 500 watts also started to Intake air from outside. girls are loving the fresh air .

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