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Home made cab using qauntum board

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Did a light defoliate. I notice with qauntum board you have defoliate at the end of week one or your plant starts to choke it self out 

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week 2

Going to feed her today (once every 2 weeks ) ,added 8 tbsp of Gaia green ,50 50 all purpose and bloom. added some Worm casting and some bokashi and water with about 3 to 4 gallons of water I waited till she was running on empty 




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Week 4

Topdress 10 tbls of Gaia green light hand full of bokashi and Worm casting then water in with 2 or 3 gallons of ro water 



Next watering I'll be adding bio bud and Molasses and little bit of Hygrozyme 


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Was having problems with super low humidity from intaking air from outdoors so I added 2 buckets of water and 2 humidifiers/air purifier smells so fresh inside the tent . Thinking buckets were overkill. Other then that everything is going good and she smells amazing already can't wait for more chemdog it's become my favorite strain 

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Dyson and oreck air purifier and humidifier both costing 600$ a piece lucky I got them for free the best part they only run at 30 watts each, now just need to tape my ducting adaptor to my dehumidifier. will be buying a new 4x4 tent soon as this one is going on 10 years and ac Infinity fan 6 ince then my 4x4 will be next level 

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