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LedCherryBerry's N.L. 24 - COB+UFO

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So, revisiting my old grow diaries (handwritten ones), i realized i, once again, fucked up big time and forgot an extreme important thing: the infamous Cal-Mag.
This is, imo, definitely the reason for the yellow tips on some leaves (which i, both correct and mistaken, thought was a copper def), as well as a supposed phosphorus/magnesium deficiency on initial, lower fan leaves.
Mainly because Cal-Mag actually contains Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Boron, Iron, Sulfur, Copper and Zinc, and mainly because i didn't feed it to the plant.
My PH is perfect, the nutrient i gave her respected the limits and the schedule, light is fixed at a decent height so it wasn't light burns, humidity is perfect, wind isn't blowing directly on plants (so it's not wind burn) and i have no pests in the tent.
Meaning, again, it has to be the missing Cal-Mag's fault.

So i bought the Cal-Mag, along with another BioBizz product (Acti-Vera) which is supposed to enhance root growth and, most importantly, nutrient uptake.
Yesterday i fed her with:
- 2.5 GPSL GHSC's Bloom
- 0.5 ML/LT CAL-MAG (BioBizz)
- 0.5 ML/LT Acti-Vera (BioBizz).
Now, the schedule has changed so that i'll feed the Enhancer, then midweek the Cal-Mag, then the week later the Acti-Vera, then mid week the Cal-Mag, and finally the Enhancer once again, and repeat, right until the last 2 weeks before harvest.
By then, i'll stop feeding the girl and begin to flush away all the shit that's been building up down there, so i'll get a product that tastes like the product and NOT like her nutrients.

Meanwhile, i switched the girl into 12/12 on Monday morning, so i managed to give her 19 hours of light before the first night (12 hours).
NL24 has begun stretching, and is now only 28cm tall (from the soil) and 53cm overall including the pot.
This gives me plenty of space to fuck around with (117cm remaining).

Anyway, here's a couple pics!



Lastly, i bought a luxometer. Thanking the internet, i found a somewhat reliable converter from Lux to PPFD which allows you to also input the SPD (spectral power distribution).
So with the meter and the site, i understood three things:
First of all, the COB performs at 65W, and outputs around 35.000 LUX at 30cm (12") in the middle. COB lamp i'm using is 4000K, and the correspondent PPFD is 623 umol/s/m2 (roughly).
Meanwhile, at 45cm (18"), it outputs around 24.500 LUX, which is 436.65 umol/s/m2. So i've been growing at the bare minimum for most of the time before the switch to 12/12.
Second of all, the advertisement is bullshit :) They claimed around 860 umol/s/m2 at 60cm, while the lamp outputs around a quarter of that, at that same height.
Third and last, Blurple lamps should be placed much further away from the COB. Reason being that, while 35K LUX are around 600umol/s/m2 at 4000K, with the blurple it goes crazy: 3105 umol/s/m2!!
Luckily, my blurples suck ass, and emit around 10.000 LUX at 30cm (12"), which correspond to around 887.31 umol/s/m2.
So right now, my COB is placed at 30cm (12") while the Blurples are placed at 40cm, and the numbers *should* be stable.

IF i don't see any burn in the next week, i'll probably lower even more the COB, since i am adding Co2 and i really want to use all the light possible.
So, until next week, as always.. 
Stay safe, peace! 

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