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like this forum. First time growing and making autoflowers. I put 18 plants of the fastbuds amnesia haze in a 120x240x200 box. 11 l pots, one layer above to sprout with light mix soil from the biobizz and below the mix always from the biobizz. I have two lambades from the marshydro fc 4800 and I am keeping them 18 / 6 throughout the cycle, they are now one month old.



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F*** me, dude, you had an army in there!
Very nice job. 
Pardon the question, out of curiosity: did you weigh the "wet" buds? 
Also, a thing i'd add in the drying room is a couple fans (rotating fans are the best).
Yes, extractors do a good job at removing air inside, but you also need air to be moved, or you risk mold.
Drying phase is the worst one, as the plant releases all stored humidity (that's what drying is lol), and if it's stagnant near the buds it can cause mold (botrytis, and that shit is BAD for you).

Anyway, that is, again, a great job!
Cheers man.

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