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Is Cannabis Tourism In Amsterdam Going To End Post-Coronavirus?

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I just spotted a new article on the 420 Magazine web site that was published yesterday 12th January 2021 that states Cannabis tourism may be coming to an end in Amsterdam if the environmentalist mayor Femke Halsema gets her wish to ban foreign tourists from the city’s coffee shops by the time coronavirus travel restrictions are lifted.


It seems that some people are ill with Amsterdam being famous for sex and Cannabis tourism and the connections with organised crime.

From my perspective the problem is prohibition, the fact that coffee shop owners have two choices to stock their shop, they either deal with criminals or grow their own supplies, which then means they are classed as a criminal, its bullshit either way.

There was talk of banning tourists from coffee shops a few years ago and it came to nothing, hopefully this will end the same way.

Maybe this will provide an opportunity to highlight the stupidity of the whole situation with the government and law enforcement turning a blind eye, which is just another part of the problem, the government have created this situation through turning a blind eye.

This is why there are problems with Heroin and Cocaine abuse, as a criminal dealing you want to make the most money for your effort, selling weed is not as profitable as selling smack and crack.

The average purity of class A's here in the UK is anything from 20% to 30% so if you have a kilo of very clean smack or coke at even 70% you can easily cut it with 2 kilos of brown sugar (demerara) now you have 3 kilos of smack to sell your margin just tripled.

There is no way to do this with bud or hash and end up with a decent quality end product, but it is easy with class A's

So until governments take responsibility and legalise Cannabis this issue is not going to go away.


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Ok but you can't travel too 

Or you gone to need to do wat they want 

And a lot of country in the world gone to be discriminate and no accès to they shit vaccine.

Thanks to the billederbeeuuuurqe And the pipeline family


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now it is true that tourism and the population have seen a very strong expansive evolution in recent years like an inverted pyramids and all can not continue to pace infinitely

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Apart from the usual polytrickster trying to get votes talking about banning the red light district and coffee shops Amsterdam has become a victim of its own success, as you say @g22 if the number of people visiting has just kept increasing and the place is constantly over crowded then I can overstand locals getting pissed off.

But its not as if this is a new thing people have been visiting Amsterdam for decades to smoke collie and visit the red light district.

It is just a shame when people cannot behave and get out of hand, but really it is time the Netherlands government legalised Cannabis and took responsibility instead of this stupid tolerance thing where the law turns a blind eye to what goes on in the coffee shops.

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I'm glad I was a teenager in the 90s

I Visited good growshop and lot of good coffee shop all was totally  better 

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Hi there gasmeter ,this is an already long going issue over here in the netherlands ,where we used to be the most progressive country in the whole world by "legalising" the use of marijuana we now are the biggest losers if you ask me  .

It's not only the coffee shop itself that's earning money but it's the whole of  amsterdam  ,tourist need to sleep somewhere the need to eat and drink so there is alot of revenue for all kinds of businesses and a whole lots of tax income with it ,so its fucking stupid and your wright if the decide to to it it will take the whole system underground and it will create a whole lot of other problems  .

I am a proud dutch grower with a lot of growing time one the bones already ,but he maybe it's just time to move ,when i see the cannabis farms over in the states mannnnn , jealous  !!

we already lost a lot of knowledge ,we are dragging behind where we used to be frontrunners .

it's a f ing shame ,and the whole system of supply is a yoke  

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there's almost no growshops anymore also ,the where the first that were hunted down and closed ,it's getting ridiculous 

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On 1/14/2021 at 3:10 PM, gasmeter said:

and that's not the only  problem  class  a drugs ,but our government doesn't see any problem what so all of all the people getting cancer of smoking all the people getting killed by drunk driving and so on and on , history repeats whe are getting whipped ,need to pay our taxes work until you die and shut the fuck up .long live democracy ?????????? 

Health care is getting more expensive each and every year ,insurance is of the roof , i never heard off someone dying smoking a joint ?


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