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Bubba Kush present outdoor grow

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Bubba Kush 48 days into flower. One of my present outdoor grows. Had lots of rain and high humidity of late December and earlier in January 2021. These days, scorching sun which is not quite suitable for Indica dominant strains. I keep a fan 20210124_110642.thumb.jpg.09fe434a761bc02d83af0509a77ba38a.jpgon them 24 hrs, helps cool during the hot days and keeps buds dry during humid nights. Best i can do.


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This is an older pic about 22 days earlier. The 2 larger ladies are Bubba and the petite girl is a Super Lemmon Haze which handles hot temperatures much better. She started flower on new years day. I gave one of the Bubbas to a friend who had his plants seized by the police cause had had 9 plants instead of 4, which is the limit per adult in a household. He lives by himself..lol..i know, its not funny. He was fined $8k. He doesnt live very far away, i go check her out every chance i get, she's now under hps lights indoor.20210104_190844.thumb.jpg.34380776eebc7219182eb96c2e82e229.jpg

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Yeah beautiful plants they look amazing, that's well shit your friend getting fine 8K man that's heavy for a few plants it should be hundreds or tens of dollars not thousands.

If you can have four plants is that 4 plants in flower, and can you overlap grows and have 4 in veg ready to replace the plants in flower when you harvest them?

Or is it just 4 plants either in flower or veg?

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