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Testing King's Juice alongside chemical bride

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Thank you greenhouse seeds for this opportunity to test the new genetics


I have got the new genetics today, I received kings Juice and chemical bride, I'm looking forward to growing these two strain's, I'm soaking the seeds overnight and I hope to see them ready for soil by the full moon,

My set up is indoor and I'm running living soil in 30 gallon fabric pots X 4

I will be germinating In solo cups under t8 daylight tubes, then moving on to 400w MH for veg, 600 hps for flower,

The plan is to scrog this time and get a nice even canopy, I'm also going to be trying sips watering system for the first time, 

Im probably going to do 8 plants 2 in each pot, 





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Quick update, both kings juice popped up quickly the day after placing into cubes, a day later the one of the chemical bride's was also up , 

I found up some small pots and potted up the seedlings until they are ready for the big pots, 


After another day waiting for the other chemical bride I was concerned whether the cubes were a bit tight so I had a peep and the seed is spiralling inside the cube so I've opened the cube a gave her some willow bark tea to see if I can give her a little bit of help , but I'm not expecting much, I'm now preparing another to replace this one, 

This was the first time I've used these rooting cubes and think it will be the last as I've now had this one and a cheese that both sprouted in jar, but never came up from the cubes, I did see in another post they pre split the cubes , might try that one time, but I've normally go straight to soil after one night soaking, 








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Willow bark tea my homemade rooting hormone seed stimulant, I just steep the bark from a willow tree overnight and keep for a couple of months in the fridge 

Willow Water is a home brew plant rooting hormone that is easily made and can be used to increase the strike rate (growth of roots) of cuttings that we’re trying to propagate.

The way that it works can be attributed to two substances that can be found within the Salix (Willow) genus, namely, indolebutyric acid (IBA) and salicylic acid (SA).

Indolebutyric acid (IBA) is a plant hormone that stimulates root growth. It is present in high concentrations in the growing tips of willow branches. By using the actively growing parts of a willow branch, cutting them, and soaking them in water, we can get significant quantities of IBA to leach out into the water.

Salicylic acid (SA) (which is a chemical similar to the headache medicine Aspirin) is a plant hormone which is involved in signalling a plant’s defences, it is involved in the process of “systemic acquired resistance” (SAR) – where an attack on one part of the plant induces a resistance response to pathogens (triggers the plant’s internal defences) in other parts of the plant. It can also trigger a defence response in nearby plants by converting the salicylic acid into a volatile chemical form.

When we make willow water, both salicylic acid and IBA leach into the water, and both have a beneficial effect when used for the propagation of cuttings. One of the biggest threats to newly propagated cuttings is infection by bacteria and fungi. Salicylic acid helps plants to fight off infection, and can thus give cuttings a better chance of survival. Plants, when attacked by infectious agents, often do not produce salicylic acid quickly enough to defend themselves, so providing the acid in water can be particularly beneficial.

Willow water can be made from cuttings of any tree or shrub of the willow family, a group of plants with the scientific name of Salix. The more cuttings that are used and the longer they are soaked in water, the stronger the resulting willow water will be.

Recommendations for the exact method of soaking vary. Cold water can be used, and soaking times of four or more weeks are often quoted. Other gardeners use boiling water to steep the willow twigs and soak the mixture for around 24 hours.





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Time for an update on the king's juice and chemical bride,

Repotting to allow them to hold a little bit more moisture and give the roots a little bit more room, they will be staying in these 10cm pots for about one more week as I'm still waiting for my big pots to finish the last two auto gelato 41, 

They are under two 30w 6400k on 18 and 6

Temperature is a nice 24c my humidity is around 60% and vpd is 1.19, I would like more humidity but I still have large flowers still so I'm being cautious, 

I've tried a new potting soil to start of and so far is don't seem to bad, I have been a bio bizz man for years but recently I've foun a few issues and decided to just try something else, called black magic 😂 anyways I'm giving it a try,

After potting I've watering with pH 7 dechlorinated water with 1 ml of biobizz heaven.

I have top dressed my big pots and planted fresh cover crop, applied a fresh batch of preditory mites and had a general clean up. Next thing to do is install a trellis net I want two layers 😁














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Little update, after the pot up I decided to upgrade the home the girls will be in fo about a week, I had a old seasonal association disorder lamp that I picked up second hand and repurposed it to my seed and clone box light, it is actually a good little light in a portable box, 

The girls have been under the new light and they seem to be very happy,  I have given each pot 20 ml of ecothrive biosys









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Got my big pots clear yesterday and I have just potted up into 30 gallon fabric pots with living soil and under a 400w metal halide, I will be given them another couple of nodes before I start my training, I will be using the F-I-M technique (fuck I missed) to top and I want to take some clones to see how they respond, in all we are looking good, apart from a small little bit of damage to on plant as I'm so clumsy I managed to drop my light and flatten on plant, I think it will bounce back and thank me for the extra stress 😂











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  • 2 weeks later...

Update time, after trying the fim Tek I ran in to a few issues, 1, I had a moth in my room and it took me a few days to locate it and kill it, by this time it had managed to chomp on a few leafs, I gave the plants a spray of neem and hope that I've sorted that problem, 2nd issue I was seeing strange leaf crumpling curl and weird fade, at first I thought russet or broad mite. Before I got out my microscope I just checked my pH and ppm, well I was 900 on my ppm from a slurry test and my PH was a 5.9

I have just added some lime and a whole bunch of dry amendments hoping to bring things closer to where I want to be, I watered in with potassium silicate think it's a plant magic bio silicon it has a high pH and hoping that I will be able to bring my pH up a bit quicker than with just lime and gypsum, 

The plants have responded well the crumpled leafs are now ok and they have started to get better,

If anyone has and suggestions on raising my pH I would like to know, 

With all that said I will continue to lst one more week get a trellis net in, and hoping that by then my pH and ppm will be better.








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Great photos and video, thanks for sharing! You have a nice variety of good genetics in your garden, it will be very interesting to see how they develop. I use basil in my crops too, it's a good repellent :)

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@Jose.gh I have also been looking into cover crop that increases oil and terps in the companion plants, yarrow and basil are both plants suspected to help increase oils in cannabis, in my cover crop I have basil, yarrow, mint, clover, and oregano, I also have just added a layer of barley straw as mulch and trying to get the cover crop to grow through it. 

I have just defoliated and gave them a nice natural farming soluble sulphur with wetting agent, this will be my new veg IPM spray , bugs and fungus in one, 

Got to admit this shit stinks and now my House smell's like fart😂 


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Plants looking healthy. could you label them so we know what's what lol,are you jadaming ,love dr cho so simple and very effective was planing on trying his methods and growing  potatoes too

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19 hours ago, Hydra said:

Plants looking healthy. could you label them so we know what's what lol,are you jadaming ,love dr cho so simple and very effective was planing on trying his methods and growing  potatoes too

@Hydra thank you kindly, I will label up my next set of pictures so we can all see what is what, 

I have been looking into jadam, I like the natural living way, it's just a shame that I don't have the space , time or patients to make most of the components I would like, I have found a seller on eBay called Dr Forrest, and he seems to have everything that is required for a good natural farming set-up, the issue is the cost of getting everything, I'm slowly buying bits to add to my endless wish list, 

There is so much I want but can't afford to buy it all at once, looking forward to doing some wild collection of organisms and plant matter, been waiting for good weather and a abundance of new growth in nature for me to harness and bring into my room, 

I also have just got interested in mycology and have just inoculated some wholegrain rice with golden teacher spores, looking forward to my first ever fruit from mycelium , 

Hopefully I will have a harvest done for some happy summer evenings under the luminaries above 😁

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