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Iceni organics

Testing King's Juice alongside chemical bride

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Thank you everyone for the good feedback, I am constantly learning and I have really enjoyed the positive feedback and good vibrations from this wonderful group of people, in life I have always been a bit of a loner, I like to think that since joining the forum I have learned so much and have made some good friends, 

I want to take the time to day thank you to everyone that is taking part in this community here in the strainhunters forum , respect to you all, 

Peace and love 👊💗👊

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Chop early as expecting a visit from the thin blue line gang, got my seeds today delivered with big sticker on it, contents damaged, pissed of.  What a pain in my arse. Going to have to think things through, get my count down at least 😞



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2 hours ago, Streetstrainsuk said:

Shit dude, so have they been watching you? 
Are you uk 

Yes UK, I'm not that bothered, just going to keep my numbers down, I am a registered medical cannabis user and have a card, I have quite a serious medical condition, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, I'm willing to stand to what I have,

I will have to see what happens if anything 😁

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It's shit what we have to deal with here. 
we should be allowed to grow our own just like how we can grow our own vegetables. 
I hope you don't have to face anything too serious. 
what type of licence do you hold? Have you heard of the Medican card by that outlaw dude in Manchester. It's great having people out there doing that. I will probably move out of the uk at some point just to chase my passion of growing cannabis. Life is too short to deal with this amount of stress over a few plants! Lol 

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Not much I can do about it, I'm not going to stress,carry on as I was I just dialing back my ambitions, I have chopped the two kings juice and the white strawberry skunk, still got chemical bride and cheese to Finnish up, 

And just for good measure I have just potted up 3 chem bride 3 cheese and one King's Juice, going to germinate a velvet moon, luckily not all the seeds were damaged and I should still be able to use some😂

Had a shift up took away the trellis net and flipped already going to do a quick turn not much veg, I'm hoping to get two rooms going to have a constant supply. I already feel I have more space and its a lot better than doing the commando crawl under my net😂




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Little update my friends, the chemical bride is just about finished looking great, I'm looking forward to smoking this one the most, it will be chopped tomorrow, I will chop whole plant no trim and hang in a dark cold room until ready to trim, I like about 2 weeks hang with all leaf on, slow dry, 

Smoke report when dry ☺️

I will look forward to my next grow diary, 


Peace and love






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King's juice nug, nice smoke dence nugs, the yield was low for the time spent on veg, might just have been my low ppm throughout the grow, still very nice, I have started another that will be a turn and burn, no toping  or training, just fast 😁 see how it yields.






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Just a quick update on the 3 Chemical Bride and one King's Juice, we are just over one week into flower and one chemical bride has hermed so pulled it, shame as it looked like it would have been a nice plant, I have two chemical bride left in one pot, the king's juice is about 5 foot tall and looking great , better stacking than the last one I ran , I also have 3 cheese going in one pot to, they are behind only now starting to show buds sites, 













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Second run of chemical bride and kings juice, the chemical bride looking great fast bud production, I seem to have two different phenos, one with bright white hairs and the other is slightly greenish, the king's juice is a different pheno from the last ones I done, this one has got a citrus mammosa terp and I'm loving it, it's stacked to, I've took cuts from this one and going to hit it with the male chemical bride pollen 😁 









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Update on the king's juice and chemical bride second run, everything is going great , I found I had a light leak and got a nanner or two on one of the chemical bride, I have plucked them as only a couple, fixed my light leak, I'm happy to have a few seeds in this run because everything is just dank, the chemical bride is sweet sticky candy smelling, the one the shot the nanners has bright orange hairs indicating it's pregnant 😁

The king's juice is so orange juice smell, I'm looking forward to this one, it's also now getting purple, happy days, 

The chemical bride and kings juice set bud sites and grow realy fast comparing to something like cheese, I flipped at same time and kings juice set buds in about one week, where the cheese was like 3 weeks to do the same, 

I'm thinking about this and I think this will be my last run with cheese as I'm liking the speed of theses new Genetics 😁











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You are right I'm going to scape cheese aswell it's to slow and short I like fast growing big yeild plants 

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Day 46 flower of the king's juice and chemical bride, second run, the plants look so frosty and yummy, they have grown realy quick, I would say they are very close to finishing, the king's juice has amber trichomes appearing already, 

The king's juice is so citrus 🍊 it's the first orange juice flavour strain I have grown, it's really strong and I can't wait to try it, I'm have taken cuts from this pheno , I'm definitely interested in running a full room with just this one😁

The chemical bride looking like I have one pregnant from a light leak and is looking like it's almost ready too, the other Chemical Bride has still got a bit of time left as there is not many orange hairs yet, 

Overall I'm impressed with how fast these turned and put out bust setting really quick, I'm thinking I might be able to get a Finnish in just over 50 days👊














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These buds look fantastic, very appetizing! Really nice, great job my friend. So sorry to hear that a plant decided to be a hermaphrodite, hope it didn't hurt your crop too much. I'm also sorry that the customs people, broke part of your seeds. Lately it is complicated to send things to UK, there seems to be a lot more pressure on customs. Thanks for sharing, everything looks fantastic!!! Great job :)

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Chopped the king's juice at day 50, it finished quick, not sure if the nanners that the chemical bride chucked out made the plants start to finish, the grow could have been speeder because I have been using 730mn Emerson effect and giving them 15 mins of far red at lights of, I have also been adding UV with 3 different UV chips from invisible sun, anyways I like how fast these girls running, one chemical bride is close to Finishing up to, I'm going to be stripping a few leaf's and adding some cold to speed up Finnish and hopefully get some nice colour, the king's juice is really sour orange and the chemical bride, one is sweet candy and the other is slightly different with a banana terp, we are at day 53 












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Lol nice I got my purple punch and kings juice mixed up but 1 smells of orange so I think it's kings juice 

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6 hours ago, Hydra said:

Lol nice I got my purple punch and kings juice mixed up but 1 smells of orange so I think it's kings juice 

I'm smoking the king's juice now and it's the best bit I've had in some time, the orange juice flavour and the terps is so strong, 

I took cuts from her and I would definitely do a mono crop with this one,😁

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