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Iceni special branch

Testing King's Juice alongside chemical bride

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Sorry to hear about the incident with the beans as they passed through UK customs, stay strong bro I doubt you will get a visit that is the extent of their powers squashing a few beans, they do not have the resources to come after all of us.

Plus nuff chief inspectors have accepted they have lost the war on drugs and are not interested in people who grow collie at home for personal use whether medicinal or recreational use. 👍

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23 hours ago, Godess_T said:

Hi Bro, 

Very nice views 😜 

which is red, that of the variety?

Peace ☮️

They are both chemical bride, the one with the orange hairs red looking one stressed out with a light leak, i have found the plant with the bright orange hair is lacking in terps and I suspect that it's making a whole lot of seeds, I will try to run this plant until I see the seed fully formed, 

I hope I answered your question, was not sure what it was you were asking, 😊

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Day 63 on the chemical bride , just checking the trichomes now . Not seeing much colour, I have been struggling to get some cold air at night, my low temperature at night has been 23c I would like to get the temperature down to 17c to help with the colours, I might go and defoliate, take off all the big leaf's and see if I can encourage a bit more fade. In all I'm impressed with how the two plants in one pot turned out, 😁🌬️💨🔥




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Day 71 Chemical Bride, and I have chopped the plant that has the bright orange hairs, this was the plant affected by the light leak and threw out a couple of nanners, I let it run and it's just thrown another bunch of nanners so made my decision to pull it, I'm tempted to leave the other one until I see some fade, 








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