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Himalaya Gold, outdoors

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Standing a proud meter high (that's something like 3 ft), without counting the pots they're growing in, of course. And all this in what apparently is turning out to be the hottest and most dry Spring season in ages in the Netherlands.

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How often I water them, depends on the weather. When it's sunny and warm like today for a couple of days in a row, I stick my finger in the soil to feel how dry it is. If it's dried out, i give each of them about half a bucket of water. Later on in the Summer, as they grow taller, each of them gets a bucket of water when I feed them. Also, every two weeks or so, I add a bit of nutrients for vegetables and herbs to the water.

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lookin Good !

hope Mays been sunnier than it was here, best April then worst May but saves on the water trekking i suppose. Hope you have a good crop from these - are you leaving them as nature intended or can you force flower them ?

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It's been three weeks now since I took Lady #3 to her home at the waterside. So today I went over there to see how she's doing.


There she is, standing a proud 1m tall already. We had scorching heat and pouring rain over here, the past week or so. And everything inbetween.


Up close and personal.

They were all born and raised from the same day #1, all three of them. But this one stayed in a smaller pot longer, because I had to wait for the second half of May to plant it. I expect her to catch up with the others pretty soon, though.

It's gonna be a great Summer ;-)

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Growing up in public: had to stand on a chair to take this picture. And with the ladies reaching 1m70 or so (which amounts to 1m30 actual plant size, without the pot), this might very well be the last time I’ve been able to capture the whole plant with my humble little iPhone camera.

Need I mention that I consider that a Good Thing?

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Oh yeah. They smell nice and spicey already, especially in the sunshine. Don't think I'm gonna top them, it's so much nicer to see what gifts Mother Nature has in store for me this season.


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Well over a month has passed, with a little vacation in between, and finally the Sun is shining again. Time for another update on the balcony plantation, where the Ladies have grown over 2 meters tall.


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wow man this trees are looking gorgeous!

So i guess that your balcony must be safe from your neighboor to allow such beautiful trees to grow ^^

Are they still in their 40L pots? And how is the waterside plant doing?

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Congratulations on your beautiful girls!.

I have two churches and a third plant that does not know what it is, I garden in pots but I cimate to 1.50 meters, for security reasons ......;-)

I wanted to ask, which pots are you using?

More, they have already 'begun to throw out the hair female?

I ask, 'cause I live in Italy and here already' started to show sex.

I hope your news and updates on the beautiful facility!

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Yep, they're still in their 40 liter pots and haven't started to flower yet. Should begin any day now, as harvest time for this strain is by the end of September (according to the GHC website). Gonna check on the waterside Lady somewhere this week and will, of course, post a pic here. Rumour has it, she's having a great time out there ;-)

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yo hexx, thats some good plants you got growing there, do you need a hand with harvest? lol

you defo need to get them into the contest, they will certianitly be a strong contender

all the best dude


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