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Sharing is caring, 2 new strains.

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Hello and welcome growers.


Many thanks greenhouse seed company for the free seed, Kings Juice and Chemical bride. 🙏


Now for my end of the bargain a journal using only GHSC products.


I will end here with stage one complete.







The picture below is of Chemical Bride, not sure how i made that mistake.





See you all soon, :bye:



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Hello growers.


Quick visit to let you know how they are getting along.




29/03, Kings Juice


29/03, Chemical Bride.



Within the next week the girls will start their feeding and light power turned up.


See you all soon.:bye:



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Hello growers.


Thankyou for the kind word, those of you with your chair take a break however keep it warm. What I mean to say is have made

a big judgement error when setting up for a stronger light,  they got moved from the baby tent to the main tent and I somehow 

fried them. have no fear I have ordered 5 more of each and will catch up. I will update you the day they turn up. 


As for now let me show you where the main tent which they were in for to long. 1200watts of hybrid hps/cmh bulbs. 3 weeks 2 days.

In the 2 back corners we have Bubba Slush, front 2 corners- White Strawberry Skunk, middle is Wonder Pie.


Front left Banana Krumble, back left Gorilla Breath from, humbolt, right side 2 Bubba Slush, middle Purple Diesel?



Back next week with a restart.


jane.:bye: Sorry GHSC

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Sorry to hear that . that's why I veg with low watts I only use 100 to 200 watts to veg .Holy 1200 watts I need to up my game lol I'm only using 600 for flower and that's only at week 3 till 8

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Good evening, as I said before (after killing the little ones) I ordered more to replace them, however

when browsing the catalogue it is difficult to only order 2 packs.


Everything will be the same as last time and we will meet again when they see daylight.


jane.   p.s. Nice big bonus pack of Kalashnikova.

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