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Question regarding why my leaves are starting to thin out in week 3-4 of flowering


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I’m looking for help on why my leaves are starting to thin out towards the top of my canopy. They’re drooping now but when i water the plant with typically 3/4 of a gallon water jug with chemical nutrients (i hope to switch to organic soon), and i water when the plant feels like it’s drying up on the top of the soil but still has a little dampness. I’m not sure why my leaves are thinning out, This plant is an AK-47 Auto sativa dominant hybrid, if anyone has any recommendations or suggestions to how to fix this or what I am doing wrong here I would love the help! My temperatures maintain between 74-81 with a humidity of 30-45%. I just moved the light (mars hydro tsw 2000 which is 300w) up a little more to 18 inches above the highest part of the canopy. I am growing in a 5 gallon cloth pot. Some leaves towards the bottom are experiencing yellowing with spots but only a couple, i’m not sure if that can be a reason causing any of the main issues i’m having with the thinness of the canopy.






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It seems overwatering. Try letting them realy dry up without any dampness and next water the no more than 0.40 gallons (1.5Liters) Dominant sativas like less water. 10% of the total of the pot should be the maximum at each watering, in this case Sativa dominant 1.5L should be enough, pay attention that it will reduce time until next watering.

Let me know


Take care

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