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Canna Coco Medium


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  • 3 months later...

This is not what I expected.


Previously I have been adding Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles to the No-name Coco.

Worked good, with no water logging or slowing of growth.


On the Canna Coco Professional Plus Cube packaging it is stated:

This unique coconut pith fibre contains a complex water/air mixture, without need of perlite.

This is absolute rubbish, the density and saturation weight caused water logging.

Against my better judgement, I didn’t add the pebble media. :(


I never tell people what to do, because there are so many variables.

The plants may not use water quick enough to prevent slowed growth from water logging.

Unless you limit root size and maintain high temps.

I will be adding the pebbles for Canna Pro Coco.


Your experience may differ?

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