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Hi everybody :)


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Iam Grow Tester and have been growing for a long time, but will now invest more time in grow testing :)

I see this forum has developed nicely and will be happy to share my experiences as we go :)

Thank you for having me and I hope we will talk more :)

I will be creating a 120x120 Grow room from scratch and hope to share everything and the seed to harvest process, so follow along :)

Here are some links to social media I have set up currently. It is my first time trying this stuff so bear over with me :D

Can anyone tell me if there is any tests going on? :) I would love to test some GHSC seeds, but currently have some Purple Pucnh and Pineapple Express on the way :)




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Welcome to the forum my friend, 

Those pictures look great, and the plants too!!!! It will be great to have you on the forum. Right now we are not giving out seeds for testing, but it is something we do several times a year. Surely in a short time we can do some new test and count on you too!



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