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Old Grower Coming Back

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On 8/23/2021 at 2:34 PM, Hydra said:

Where are you from ,good seed are very easy to get now a days and can be very cheap but depends on breeders ,green house chemdog is very good strain ,it's one of my favorite, if I were you I would pheno search that Pakistan Valley outdoors with like 2000 plants, wouldnt harvest that all but just look for the best no bugs no mold fast grower big yeilds and so on ,having a landrace that you pheno selected not many people can say they have

I am from Australia, and have a long term program for Pakistan Valley Divine pheno.

Divine is a stable resilient strain with sweet taste, larger buds are not a goal.


Also working on low CBD, high THC strains.

My choice of quality stock being Cannaventure Ghost or Cali Connection Chem91, which works out expensive

Alternatively, seed banks are swapping out seed, which removes any guarantee of source for breeding.

After 40yrs  of growing horticultural crops, I produce good seed and know it will germinate above 90%.

Seems to me, that the supplier stories are lame excuses for low quality. In many cases, it is obvious from sight


When you add in all the factors, by no means is it cheap.

On a more positive note, I have found my new process of germination is getting >95% germination.

Of these seed, approximately 5% are culled  with deformity. Very happy with >90%.

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