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STS Silver Thiosulfate

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STS Silver Thiosulfate

Using 100ml of water for each chemical as with forum cannabis versions.

0.1 Silver Nitrate / 0.3717 Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate.


0.1 Silver Nitrate / 0.579852 Sodium Thiosulfate Anhydrous.


I have used the resultant spray 2-3 times a week apart, starting the week before or at 12/12.

The plant stated with a few female flowers before getting to well over 95% conversion.

Please Note: Above I am spraying with the 200ml of straight stock. (3mM)


Warning: if the plant is not in cool climate out of light until totally dry, leaf burn will occur.

Other strains may be different; you may need to increase water to match conditions or strain.

I would highly recommend taking a cutting to treat, and pollinating the original.



For a single self pollinating plant, you could try using 2-9X times the water.

For approximate equivalent to the old forum strength of (0.3mM) add 1800ml water to your 200ml stock.


Do not use any metal object for mixing, use plastic.

Do not use very cold water for mixing.

Do not use water over 25C for spraying.

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