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Hydra's window sill grow with leds


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On 5/8/2021 at 6:27 PM, Hydra said:

I couldn't find a water tray big enough so I had to use a kiddy pool 20210508_112534.thumb.jpg.58c2b0000a268b014cc63996ba2a7687.jpg

Also growing bishop crown pepper plants 

Looking forward to this window grow, I have just started a random auto flower to do on my window sill, a natural sun tester, I'm only in a small plastic pot as I need to keep it as stealth as possible, I have also just ordered me some purple flash pepper seeds to keep all my preditory mites happy and give them a alternative food source, 

I think your 50 gal will be a monster

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List of strains maybe more or less 


Ghs cheese 

Ghs chemdog 

Ghs chemical bride x2

Ghs trainwreak 

Sacred cut seeds mac x fpog x2

Sacred cut seeds gelato 33 x Runtz x cookies n cream x2

Ghs dark Phoenix x2


(Keeper) jager

(Keeper) ghs chemdog x3

Meatbreath x2

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Pop some more beans all freebies


Garden of greens Larrys Lemon og 

Emerald Triangle seeds Critical Sour Diesel 

Emerald triangle seeds G13 x Blueberry Headband 

Barneys farms Purple punch

Green house seeds Kings juice

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I'm really liking chemical bride already she grows so well thick stalk fat leaves I read she dosent like to stretch in flower so I may have found my sog plant 🤞,I put her into a 10 gallon.so far she's my favorite one followed by mac x fpog she has a very nice shine and like leather leaves .

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Dam i got addicted to planting seeds :( ,I order some gmo x meatbreath ,now that I got a nice selection of genetics im going to breed some seeds at the end of summer so preping now 


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