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3x Chem Bride 2x Lost Pearl

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LED veg light> Mars Hydro ts600

Tent (veg)> 60x60x120

Medium> Plagron cocos perlite 70/30

Pots> 13cm

Nutrients> Monkey Root Shoot, Shogun Start, Monkey Grow A&B

PH> 6.5

First ChemBride first leaves shown>
May 4th 2021.

ChemBride x2 first leaves>
May 29th 2021

LostPearl x1 first leaves>
May 30th 2021


You will notice that the eldest plant has had a bit too much light, I had a problem with the timers and she was getting 24hrs of light for a good 2/3 weeks before I realised. At first I thought it was too much nutrients but I was wrong!! 
She’s getting better though. 
One of my lost pearls is taking her time to make an appearance but she’s just being fashionably late as all the real ladies worth having are! 

Stay tuned.....







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Here there are now 

3x chemical bride

1x lost pearl

i lost one of the pearls, it just didn't sprout. 
and I've stunted one of my brides but I've but her outdoors now where she should flourish in a huge fabric pot mixed with a bit of soil mixed with perlite then a load of coco mixed in too, I have sprinkled on some bio grow and sit back and watch the grow show. 

ive been a bit under the weather in this blistering heat we have had in the uk, so I dropped the ball slightly and messed up the lighting schedule on these baby's so the where getting 6 hours of light and the rest darkness!! 
completely back to front I was for about 2 weeks! But I think I have rescued them just in time. 
im not one to give up so I shall perceiver and now I have this starter kit to play with from you guys it's given me the pick me up that I needed! Sometimes growing is tough, and it can really hurt your feelings when things don't go how you plan. 
what with me growing in a country where it's illegal and paying the prices for the electric I use there's a hell of a lot of factors involved in this that make enjoying the process so difficult some days!! 
so the gift I was given meant so much more to me than you could know!! 
 @Jose.gh  many thanks my friend, my family 



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19 hours ago, Hydra said:

It sucks when the plan go's to shit lol but with more experience it gets better way better :) soon you'll have more top grade meds then you know what todo with its a great problem lol 

Haha tell me about it! I feel like I'm constantly ducking and diving at the moment trying to keep on top of everything, but your right, I will get more experience and it will become easier. 
ive just got the bio line starter kit and truly there could be no way I mess up ever again! 

thankyou for your support @Hydra much love to you 

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That's great I always wanted to try ghsc line up but it's not available where I am , no problem I'm here anytime for advice 😊 but you seem like you doing well enough without my help lol 

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The Chemical bride baby I put outside is doing okay, she seems to be finding it very nice outdoors. I've planted some pink lucky heather in with her as a means of disguise but I don't think it's working 😂

I have also germinated and planted my final chemical bride and lost pearl bean today so fingers crossed we get two more in the next few days. 

Growing medicinal cannabis is the best thing I've ever done! I'm in love and I don't want this to end!! 🚀🍓🌸👰🏼♀️🧪




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I have re-potted 2 baby's today, I'm jigging things around to start my MEGA real run 🤓 #cannageek 

so the bushier one is Lostpearl and the other ChemicalBride these are in their 5th week of veg and the roots are looking tiptop to me, I've even kept the little clover weed and moved her in the new boot too, it's only right?! 😁

what do you guys think? 






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Looking good bruva, I find that plants can be a bit finicky while young, I think sometimes it's just adjusting to your environment, the breeder might have grown in different conditions, there can be an adjustment period, 

Putting problem plants out in full sun has a way of healing to the plants, I'm glad they perked up,


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Wow!! Duck feet!! Chemical bride outdoors in the uk sunshine! I love her mutations, somehow makes them more special. 
hope everyone is doing okay in this weather, or if you have been hit with floods my heart and prayers are with you all. 
god bless and take care all xxx






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Putting these 3 into flower this week. Im dealing with a heat damage problem on the pearl so I'm hoping she gets better. I think she's stressed because she wants to flower already! 
I feel like pearl just wants to get out and flower. 
Chem bride on the other hand will happily sit in veg mode for weeks and not get pissed. 
Very excited about the flip.... stay tuned 👽




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Here's my 3 flowering lady's going into week 3 of the flip. 
lots of bud sites are popping up everywhere. 
The taller two are the chemical bride and the shorter one is the lost pearl, I think the lost pearl has stunted due to a problem with her roots but it's too late now to do anything about it. She's going into flower really well but only time will tell. 

im now running 2x ts600 Mars hydro lights in my 100x100x200 tent

The 3 really small lady's have just come in to the flower tent. One of these is the Dark Phoenix 🔥

very excited about Xmas this year ☀️🧑🏼🎄🥦








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