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Bobo 89

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Hi guys! I have a problem with my super silver haze. I’m in the second week grow and I changed the water 3 days ago with the new solution( SENSI GROW A+B- VODOO JUICE- B52) more just a bit of NIRVANA-PIRANHA-Tarantula( just 5ml into 70L). I have a rdwc system. Parameters: room temperature day(27C) night (20C) - water temperature 20/21C - humidity day 55-60% night 60-70% ph 5.6 constant(solfuric acid)EC 0.55. Please i need your support before a disaster comes!! LOOK THE PHOTOS. Thank you 🙏🏻




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I'm basing it of the spots I could be wrong 

Septoria cannabis is a species of plant-pathogen from the genus Septoria, which is an ascomycete and pycnidia producing fungus, otherwise known as Septoria leaf spot. ... In severe cases, it will attack the foliage of the whole hemp plant, leading to a reduction of vegetative growth.


Suggested treatment for soil is IMO 

Applying helpful bacteria, like Bacillus Pumilis or a good fungi like Trichoderma

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1 hour ago, Iceni organics said:

Potrebbe essere SEPTORIA LEAF SPOT

Lo sto basando sui punti in cui potrei sbagliarmi 

La cannabis Septoria è una specie di patogeno vegetale del genere Septoria, che è un fungo che produce ascomiceti e picnidi, altrimenti noto come macchia fogliare di Septoria. ... Nei casi più gravi, attaccherà il fogliame dell'intera pianta di canapa, portando ad una riduzione della crescita vegetativa.


Il trattamento suggerito per il suolo è IMO 

Applicare batteri utili, come Bacillus Pumilis o un buon fungo come Trichoderma

Thank you to checking them. I would like to add that I made a mistake: I spray the plants when they were in the dark with a mixture of distilled water and tank water (fertilized) but with a very low final EC of 0.1 I have read that this can cause problems as in my case.  What do you think this could have been?

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It might be to much humidity when I spray at night I always leave my fan on and my extraction, hot weather and humidity is always a issue, I have my fans running 24/7, the pH of the foliage spray was a bit low I like a high pH for foliage spray to avoid pm, 


Silicon in the nutrient stream makes its way to plant cell walls where it makes them better able to resist germinating fungal spores’ ability to penetrate plant tissue and causes disease. Silicon has also been noted to assist plants in resisting insect damage and cope with environmental stresses such as high salts

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3 hours ago, Iceni organics said:

Potrebbe essere troppa umidità quando spruzzo di notte, lascio sempre acceso il ventilatore e la mia estrazione, il caldo e l'umidità sono sempre un problema, ho i miei fan in funzione 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7, il pH dello spray fogliare era un po' basso come un pH elevato per spray fogliare per evitare pm, 


Il silicio nel flusso di nutrienti si fa strada verso le pareti cellulari delle piante dove le rende maggiormente in grado di resistere alla capacità delle spore fungine in germinazione di penetrare nel tessuto vegetale e causare malattie. È stato anche notato che il silicio aiuta le piante a resistere ai danni degli insetti e a far fronte a stress ambientali come i sali elevati

Ok. In my grow room i got 2 fans one in opposite of the other, in the dark hours an air conditioned help it to go down to the 20 C. Everything are working perfectly. Actually i think was the mistake of spraying the leafs with nutrients. Today I will put some Tarantula and Piranha( ADVANCED NUTRIENTS) that contain Bacillum Pumilis and Thicoderma. Now I have a question about the Rhino Skin(ADVANCED NUTRIENTS) Silica: can I spray it on the leafs or I only can introduce it into the tank? On the bottle they recommend it to use just in Bloom. You recommend me to use it right now? Thank you so much to help me!

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I'm not familiar with that product, but I use bio silicon from plant magic, it can be used from seed to harvest , soil or foliage spray, i can't recommend how to use your product but I would think it would be similar to the rest, I only use it once or twice, it makes the steams and branches strong stiff to hold up weight, 

I wouldn't like to say your silicon is ok to use now, as I have not used that one, 

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