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[Little baguette] Hello


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Hello World

I had the opportunity to grow your King's Juice and your Deep Candy with Powder feeding(Bio) fertilizers, the combo is awesome ! 
I register to be able to share my next session, with your Chemical bride. Probaly in AutoPot+PowderFeeding Bio+Led (sanlight)


I don't have a lot of experience but I manage, I must have 10 cultivation under my belt, all different from each other with tests of strains, substrate, fertilizer, light, I still have a lot to learn! 


[My LittleRoom]:



[Deep Candy]:



[King's Juice]:


I wish you a beautiful day and say to you soon, I would make a newspaper of culture when I launch that 


Cordialy, StrangleThorns



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Welcome to the forum mate!


Those buds look fantastic, great job! And thanks for sharing. On the forum there are sections for grow diaries, also for testers. You might be interested in starting a grow journal and sharing your progress :)


Have a nice day! 

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