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DarkPhoenix Has Landed.....

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  • 4 weeks later...

Good morning from the UK 🇬🇧
Here are my 3 Dark Phoenix 

These are exactly 4 weeks from when they showed their first leaves. 
I find it so strange how neither of them look the same, 

one in particular you can see has clawed baby fan leaves.

As I now have a little experience with growing weed my opinion is that when I RE-pot them they will pick up more. 






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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

DarkPhoenix is the craziest strain I have grown yet! 

This strain reminds my of jack and the beanstalk! She wants to STRECH as high as she can! 
So high you could literally climb her into heaven!! 👼🙏🏼🌅

Really enjoying this one. 

week 2 of flower, MarsHydro ts600 x2


bioline Bloom greenhouse feeding 




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Large internodal distance, perhaps a problem indoors. When the same thing happens to me, in my indoor, what I do is to bend them, I do it in the last or penultimate node, and that helps them not to stretch too much. (Cropping).

I hope they behave well and drive you crazy haha They look very energetic :) Thanks for sharing!!! 

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  • 3 weeks later...

My eldest dark Phoenix is growing really crazy and the chemical bride next to her is a bit the same, I put them in to flower at week 6 of veg so I've rushed them. I'm still happy with how they are doing considering. 

Next to those two is my DarkPhoenix that is showing some beautiful structure, I have topped her as she was naturally forming a crown anyway, I'm very happy with this beauty. She's just going into week 3 

all looking female so far 














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  • 3 weeks later...

So I've cropped one of my DarkPhoenix at day 56 of flower, I was having a melt down yet again because I found caterpillar in some of the buds as I had STUPIDLY brought in an outdoor plant and infected my indoor tent. 
Really I'm making a lot of little mistakes lately, but it's still not dampening my spirit!
I keep going with all I have because I adore working with this special plant that brings me nothing but pure joy everyday. 

Anyway I saved around 7g of dry airy buds from the first dark Phoenix to be cropped this year. 
The second DarkPhoenix that you can see in the pictures has around 5 weeks left to go, I have topped her in the second week of flower and put her under high stress, she seems to have recovered from it quite well and is regularly thirsty and taking in nutrients really well. 
she has been given BioBloom feed for the remainder of her cycle with occasional Enhance every 2 weeks & Monkey RootShoot in between that. 
she's doing real good. 

I will be smoking some of this in a few days, she's been drying for 5 days and is starting to smell spicy & almost pepper kind of woody smells coming from her. 
#staytuned 💚🇬🇧



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Little bit of the DarkPhoenix Harvested at around day 56

This has been dried for 6 days and cured for around 3 days.

this one is a little airy but that's due to me being a beginner still, I will get a better looking finished bud when I have more experience under my belt, but still I'm happy with what I've got here. 

when you first pop open the jar your hit with light citrus smells mixed with black pepper but overall it's mainly sweet, the best thing about this strain is the taste on the exhale, it's one of those terpene profiles that makes your mouth water on the exhale, a rare find

Looking forward to perfecting this strain over the next few months. 




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we are at day 47 here and she's doing better than ever. As you can see I've had issues with this one since she was a veg but I had a gut feeling not to let her go, and I think my feelings were right! 
she's fattening up & foxtailing, she's feeding like a beast, I have added the Booster from greenhouse feeding mineral line and she's reacted to it really well. 
I think this will be a beauty finisher 💚🙏🏼 






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Day 54 for my beautiful DarkPhoenix here. 
She's fed 1g booster to 1 litre of water once or twice a week. Her other feeds are just water with the PH set at around 5.5. 
I make sure the PH is right every time. Never skip this step. 
That's my advice to any new grower. 

Im really enjoying how the buds are creeping around the branches, This one is a true wonder to behold in real life. 
The pictures just don't do the baby justice! 

im going to push another week or two, see if we can get some fading on her funky 3 fingered claws!! See if she dresses up all halloween/fall for us! 
we could do with a show right?! 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁









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