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|| Test || [Chemical Bride] [Sanlight] [Bio] [AutoPot] Hii World

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Greetings grass people! 

I come to share with you this experience

My Equipment 

A Box
- 90x60x180




- Intra: Passive
- Extra: Systemair Gas Sileo RvK 125 L1 323M³/H
- Fac: ProActiv Carbon Filter - 125mm 400m3h
- Ducting: Sono
- Fan x2: Clip on 

SANlight Q-Series  & Flex-Series


- Probaly Light mix (plagron) + Perlite 50% (plagron) In Auto Pot 8L 


- Starter Kit (Bio Feeding)



- Hygrometer
- Autonomous smoke detector and alarm
- Fire extinguisher
- Heater (wall poster 500watts)



Chemical Bride

The chemical bride is a combination of our old time Classic Chemdog genetic from Greenhouse Seeds, with our selection of one of the big boomer in america from Seedjunky, the Wedding cake.

The result is an amazingly compact flower production covered in glittering trichomes all over the surface and down to the leaves.
The plant will not stretch a lot once switched into flower, it will grow in a bushy shape with strong secondary branches and short internodal length, a nice dark forest green often happens on the leaves like its father the Chemdog can have.

The smell/taste of the Chemical Bride is a complex mix of both parents, with a strong creamy note coming to you first inherited by the chemdog and increased by the Wedding cake’s creaminess, then followed by some sour/gazy tones almost like a kind of OG smell, and finishing with a light earthiness that makes it an amazing strain for the palate.

The effects of the flowers are very body relaxing and will last for quite a while, it will not produce a couchlock effect but more like a floating sensation where the body relaxes but the mind still works perfectly. A great smoke for creative/active people.



Let us return immediately in the heart of the subject 


 (Humidified cotton) 2 seeds 


Hoping that my English is correct, I will make an effort! 

I already had the opportunity to try 2 strains from Green House, the Deep Candy (CBD) and the King's Juice, so it's only natural that I come to share that here too! 


[Deep Candy]



[King's Juice]



I will try to make a minimum of one update per week, just to see the evolution of the plants. 

I wish you a nice day, and don't hesitate if you have any questions or things to teach me, 



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On 6/29/2021 at 7:35 PM, Stranglethorns said:

Hello @Streetstrainsuk  

Thanks to you for stopping by to say hello

I'll make it simple and efficient. 

Look at that in not even 24 hours already one of the two seeds that want to say hello





Very fast! I popped 2 darkphoenix in 24 hrs, keen as a badger these birds 😆💯👊🏼

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Hello the company 


The little Chemical Bride are in 2L Light mix with 3 gr/L of BioGrow since 5 days and how can I say, as usual, everything is going well! 



I will try to leave them for a good 2 weeks in 2L before the final repotting which will be done in 8L with Bio Grow, Bio Bloom, Biosmoz. 


I will start the last phase of growth & flowering once the Evo-Series at home. 





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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello the company 

The plants are repotted in 8L final with 24 grams of bio grow & 24 grams Bio Bloom since a little week 


  • Growth +25
  • Ambient temperature: 19-22
  • Box open H24 in a living room without extra
  • (I am preparing my flowering box to swing the 12/12 soon Tm)







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Hello the company 


Thx  @Jose.gh :girlinlove:


Box Flowering ready 12/12 activate !


  • Growth +26
  • Flowering Day One 
  • Ambient temperature: 21-23°. 
  • I was supposed to wait for the Evo Series but I don't have the time. They will make their first days in/under Gen 2 so much the worse. 
  • Auto watering deactivated for the moment. 
  • Objective, do nothing. 



Cya, Let's Go 

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Hello the company 


  • Growth +26
  • Flowering +06
  • Ambient temperature: 24-26° C 
  • Auto Watering On


Today, it's hot and dry so it's a little shower for the girls 

I took the opportunity to put a little Enhancer (0.4gr/L) for foliar application above & below the leaves 



Hello @bridgeman

Welcome Dude  


Hello @Djiny 

Indeed I had the right to a very beautiful growth, I still did not remove anything in gourmand, made no pinching, nothing, I really did not touch the plants so as to see their skeleton since it is the first time that I try this variety 

As for Sanlight, they are not the best for nothing! 

We are very far from the Samsung quantum & LMB chip assembled in Chinese factories made by machines without love and professional conscience. 

With them at least you have a European product with real standards and a work on the spectrum and energy saving really present!

The heating is almost non-existent in Gen2 

I Have Really Soon Evo Series 



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Hello the company ! 

Hi @bridgeman  (No is not Wow, is LoL <  Zyra R ) :cheese:

  • Growth +26
  • Flowering +09
  • Ambient temperature: 23-25° C 
  • Auto Watering On

I added a small fan in the bottom of the box

I also took the opportunity to remove the gourmands (a little each day of the week and the rest today) there were very few. 

I also added a small net of orientation of the branches, I pinched the apexes so that the secondary finds all the people up there near the net. 





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Hello the company 


It's beautiful the naivety, I said to myself that I was going to do nothing during 3/4 days and hardly the nose in the box I am still having fun with the plants 


Seeing the two apexes taking it easy and taking 10 cm in 2 days, I told myself that it was still time to put a SUPER CROPPING in their face


It's not really recommended in bloom but being still in the stretch phase and in the period of hormonal change, I said to myself that nothing is worth trying! 


This will allow me to have a better canopy. I pinched a lot of secondary as well, I think I will place another net in a few days to orientate it all properly. 


  • Growth +26
  • Flowering +11
  • Ambient temperature: 22-24°. 
  • Watering Auto Deactivate (I let it dry a bit to do a Bio enhancer watering in a few days) 









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Hello the company 

- Mission accomplished the little secondaries found the net as planned. 

- Pinching of the most lively 

- Watering Bio Enhancer (1Gr/L) 

- Placement of the branches 


  • Growth +26
  • Flowering +12
  • Ambient temperature: 22-24° C 
  • Auto Watering Deactivate







Cya  :maninlove:

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Hello @Jose.gh 

Thank you very much, I am still a beginner in photography, I learn a little with each photo session

I have an EOS 7D and at the moment I'm trying the EFS 15-85 mm ultra sonic lens


Indeed the plants are in very good health, at the same time what could be more simple and easy with the products bio Powder, it is almost impossible to miss 

I am really surprised at the size and vigor of the plants with only 26 days of growth 



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Hello company 


- Pinching & Placing of branches 


  • Growth +26
  • Flowering +14
  • Ambient temperature: 22-24° C 
  • Auto Watering Off




Tomorrow, I will present you the new equipment 


EVO 80                                                                                                     EVO 60 






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