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Chemical Bride & Bio Feeding


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Hello everybody. 
This time I have Chemical Bride from Green House Seeds. Plus the bio line from Green House Feeding. 

I put two seeds on a damp paper towel to germinate and put a second damp towel over them. The next evening the seeds were both open. The taproot of one of them was already one and a half cm long. Then placed them in cocos jiffis. Lightly covered. Two days later, roots came out of both jiffis. 

I mixed the soil for planting in a 60/20/20 ratio. 

60% soil
20% coconut fibre
20% perlite

I stirred in 3.5g of Bio grow per litre of substrate.

When they were planted in the soil mixture, I mixed the rainwater with the Bio enchancer. 

For the first part of the growth phase, the two are in my greenhouse.





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The first week is over. 

One plant is 9 cm high and has a span of 17 cm. The other is 7cm high and 15cm in span. I watered them once with rainwater and the second time I mixed 1g of bio enchancer in a litre of rainwater. The roots seem to like it. The first ones are already peeking out from the bottom of the pots. Considering that the weather was not quite so nice in the first week with 5 days of rain, the two look healthy to me.





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The second week is over.

The two plants got their final pots today. 21l capacity. For watering, I need about 3 litres of the mixture to get a rinse out of 300 ml. 
The fabric pots have worked well for me. 
The air pots too, but this time I'm skipping the intermediate size because of the different bio fertiliser. 
I have only adjusted the water pH this time. There will be enchancer again at the end of next week.






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  • 2 weeks later...

Update in the middle of the fourth week. 

The plants are about 60cm tall and have formed sundews almost 30cm long. Watering is done with rainwater only and enchancer is added every 14 days.

I have also tied down the shoots.





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End of week 4 lately upload. 

Unfortunately, one of the shoots broke off when I was tying it down. It was probably a bit too hard for the little one. The watering water remains the same, only rainwater, and tomorrow the enchancer will be put back into the water.





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Day one week 5

As the tying down of the two main shoots did not go down so well. I will let one of them continue to grow normally for now. I have bent the main shoots on the other one. HST for the first time in the growth phase. There were also enchancers today. 

So far I like the fertiliser from Green House Feeding very much. The plant makes a more than good impression for the time.




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Week six. 

At the end of last week I had to bend the main shoot of the second plant. Otherwise I will probably have problems with the total height in the tent.

Defoliation. I removed the leaves and a few shoots after three days. Look at these huge leaves. Arrived at the tent, I immediately stretched the net over the two plants. I'll give them time to regenerate this week and the next. Then it will go into the flowering phase.

I can see slight signs of deficiency on a few leaves. I watered it again today with pH-regulated water. Let's see what develops over the next few days.








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Hey buddy, thanks for sharing! The plant looks very healthy :) I too usually bend the stems when height is an issue, it's a very effective solution. I hope that those beginnings of deficiencies will be solved with the regulated PH.

Have a nice day!

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Today I spread the Bio Bloom fertiliser from Green House Feeding on the soil mixture. 3.5g per litre of substrate. That gives 70g of fertiliser for 20 litres of substrate. I then watered with pH-regulated water. The next time I water, I will also use the enchancer again so that we stay in the two-week cycle. As of today, the light cycle will also be shortened by one hour per day until we have reached 12/12.



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Yesterday I took this photo. It shows the fungus forming on the surface of the soil. The fertiliser is working. I also watered with the enchancer again. After that, I only used pH-regulated water again. The two are quite thirsty. Every second day 2.5 litres per pot.


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Week 1 bloom 

So this week starts with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness throughout. The first signs of pre-bloom are present on both plants. Hopefully they won't stretch quite so far. Due to the asparagus-like growth at the beginning, my height in the tent is somewhat limited. I have tied the main shoots down again in the hope that it will save me a little height.






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Progress report:

The plants look pretty good to me. They seem to be absorbing the fertiliser and regaining their strength. After having made a rather bad impression on me in the last two weeks. These strange white spots are not multiplying either. Let's see what happens next.



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Well, a look through the microscope showed me these nice aphids. I immediately cut out some infested leaves as I wanted to thin them out a bit anyway. Then I mixed Neem oil (4ml) with water (0.8l). Poured it into a spray bottle and sprayed the two plants from top to bottom. Once from the underside of the leaves and once from the top. So that the aphids don't even get the idea to stay. I hope the neem oil won't cause any damage at this stage of flowering... Tomorrow I will check more often during the day and maybe repeat the whole process.






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Week eleven
Flowering week 3
Day 80

As I see it, the lice have lost out to the neem oil. The plants are thriving. The flower buds are getting bigger and bigger and trichomes are already forming visibly. We gave them enchancers again at the beginning of the week and today they were thirsty again. I think the watering cycle of 2.5 litres every two days with 20 litres of soil mixture is quite remarkable. They seem to be doing well. Here are a few photos.







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Week 12 

Everything went quite well during the week. I'm afraid the right of the two plants has received too much fertiliser instead of too little as I assumed. Since the fertiliser was added, more of its leaves have turned yellow. Hopefully it will make it until the harvest. I haven't rinsed the plant yet. I just water it with pH-regulated rainwater. The one on the left, on the other hand, makes a very good impression on me. The buds are growing and getting frostier by the day.







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