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Anyone out remember Santa Marta Gold Columbian from the early 70's. I keep reading that weed back from that period was < 10% THC. I beg to difference, as I remember that weed was like it was soaked in hash oil and had to be at least 15 -20% THC. Also was getting what at the time was called Oaxaca, Sinsemilia that was way high in THC levels. People out there have been trying to say weed today is way more potent than back in the 70's, methinks that's some kind of BS to limit today's THC levels

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Hello and welcome to forum!


There are many opinions regarding the grass of the 70s/80s and the grass of today. Personally, I think that the weed we grow today is more potent (more THC), because the breeding and selection has been improved a lot. But there are many old strains, which have been lost, and that is a pity.


Have a nice day! 

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