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Iceni special branch

Velvet Moon (dosidos x holy punch ) living soil, greenhouse feeding 640w 8 bar led

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Hear we go getting things in order, going to be running velvet moon in living soil amended with Greenhouse feeding, just germinating 3, seed to soil, no soak , Im expecting them to pop up in about 48hrs, 

They will be under T5 until flowering then under 640w 8 bar led, 

Looking forwards to keeping you all updated with the progress 👊









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16 hours ago, Streetstrainsuk said:

Yes! Lovey jubbly, seed to soil no messing! Best way! I will be tuning into this one! 
happy growing my friend 💚🥦💯👩‍🌾🌙

I have best results from this method, I have tried all types and I always come back to the natural way as it was intended, 


They are up as I said 48hrs just under, looking like some really great root structure already, thanks greenhouse feeding starter pack, the bio enhancer has done amazing with the seed , I used .5g in one litre of water, 



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I totally agree with you,  I pop my seeds in water over night so say just short of 24 hours in a glass of water then they go straight in the coco, works really well and hasn't failed me yet. 
I decided to change when I lost my beans a month or so ago, I was leaving them in water for days waiting for the root to pop out, some of the seeds just want to mush. 
but we live and learn lol! 

These are looking really good 👌🏼🌙💯

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Now starting to stand up tall, I always leave half of my first pots empty for this reason I can then fill to the top again without having extra leggy seedlings, I have just gave them a drink of bactorr13. 





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Ok I started 3 seeds and all cam up and were looking good, a bit of time has passed and I'm not sure what has gone on but two of the seedlings have stunted growth and discolour, the one that seams ok I will keep a eye on, I will give them another week to see if they come out of it, 







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Ok quick update, the above mentioned stunts are totally my fault, I have just checked ppm and it was ridiculous high at 4000 ppm , 😂 I must have grabbed the wrong potting mix and used a all mix , no wonder there is issues, I have flushed them right down to 500ppm, I hope in a few days I will start to see if I have saved them or not, 

Got to star getting anal about things because I keep making silly mistakes because I'm not taking my time and checking everything, 

Lesson learned again 🤣

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Not Shure anymore about the to high ppm causing the issue here as I have corrected it and still it won't sort itself out, I'm about ready to pull these and pop some more to see if I get anymore of the same mutated seeds, I have one that is not mutated but it is growing slow as fuck,




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A little update on the velvet moon, the one that was not affected is looking good today, the other two only now looking like they will recover in about another week, I will be potting up the two that had issues and I expect to see a full recovery, until next time my friends 👊




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Update time, not much to say really, popped more beans and just waiting 3 or 4 nodes before I flower, I will top and train the tall one and wait for others to catch up, I have chopped and dropped my cover crop and getting everything ready,








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Ok something to add, I've toped 3 of the velvet moons and and let 2 go for some lst and a longer veg, the two plants that I mutated with the high ppm have now recovered and are now in flower, they look strong, hoping in a month I will have done enough work so I can fill up the rest of my room and stop growing empty space 😁

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Day 19 flower, theses girls definitely had a good stretch, think they have finished the stretch and looking pretty, nice thick green stem's.

Temps are 27c humidity is floating around 55-60.

Looking forward to starting the next one's that I have topped 😁





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These girls look great I have to share how well they are looking, might have two pheno's , one looks like straight up close bud formation , the other is reaching out with a couple of branches, time will tell how different they are, I just wanted to show them off lol😜





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