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DusT - Kalashnikova - 16/04/2011 Veg +46 F+ 79 Harvested

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Hi Guys Here I come For my 3rd grow report on your wonderful Forum :D

Thanks to franco for the dvd :D

So this Time no more Scrog, I'm gonna go for bushes! I'll let them something like 2months in Veg before flowering, and so only put 2 plants in my 30L pots so they'll have enough room and light to explod and show me their potential ;)


I've just received The new test seed.

The material used is:

1 Silverbox evo 104x104x200

1 Ballast Platine Philips 400W

1 CoolTube© V2 125mm x 320mm + home made "adjust a wing" kind of Smile

1 bulb Max-Lumens MH 400w for the veg (gonna change for a new one during the grow.)

1 bulb Philips 400 W GREEN POWER for the End of the flowering

1 Ruck Extractor RK 125mm 350m3/h 4 speed level

1 Intractor 150mm 300m3/h

1 Cfl 200w red spectrum

So I'll go buy some roots cube today and put them into germination, and as soon as they'll have germinate i'll post you some pics.

Tchousss see ya really soon

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Thanks budy ;)

The seeds are soaking into water right now, and so are the rockwoolcube

I'll post a pics as soon as I see the tail :)

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Nice post my friend. Im waiting on my Kalashnikova seeds so I can start my new test. I subscribe on this one.

Peace Jimmy

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Thanks everyone!!


The seeds have germinated, they've been soaking in hard water for a little more than 24h.

The kalachnikova has germinated direclty in the glass of water, even before sinking tot he bottom.

And the Exodus cheese has germinated today in the coton( not sure of the name ^^ ?)

So they've been put in the rockwool cube that have soak in a 1ml/L Nitrozyme and 2ml/L Rootjuice mix for more than 48h

and now i only keep them a little wet but not too much and allow a short period of "dry" not really dry, just more than usually ;)

As soon as they pop from the cube i'll picture them :)


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hi guys!

So today is officialy V+1

The T° is 20,5° during the night for a 50% HR I'm working on getting the humidity higher ;)


Mila ( for mila jovovich, the new name of the kalashnikova :) ) As popped out of the soil.

So i've put the cube in the soil and gave them a little bit of a mix of Nitrozyme and Bioheaven ( 1ml/L and 2ml/L)

Tomorrow morning the light will turn on for the first time, 400w MH for most of the grow, I'll probably go buy a new bulb soon ;)



I'll keep you aware of any change ;)


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U get fast name for her, Mila i like her also don't be jelaus. :)

How long your bulb Mh running ? As i count single one can work for 2 years, witch is quite good rate to the prize and effects. :)

Wish u luck with MIlla, i still be jelaus, but all the best. Dustiee. :)

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Hi everyone, thanks a lot for your Kind Word!

Today is V+3 The T° is 24° for a 50% HR

Mila already has a nice surprise for you Guys, It appears that she is a Trifoliate

First time I have one :) I had heard about it and was wondering how it would be, well i'll get to see :D

Other good news, The Exodus as popped through the soil too! I gotta find a name for her ^^


Mila our trifoliate


And the exodus


That's it for today fellows ;)


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Hi everyone, today is V+4

The T° is 24° during the day for a 50% HR still a little low..

But otherwise the girls are doing great, the exodus is getting stronger too.

I Water them every 2 days with a little bit of the mix Nitrozyme, Bio Heaven.

Next time i'll give them some hard water and then ad some algamic to my light mix.


Mila The trifoliate ^^


and the exodus


Have a good night hunters


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thanks tokage :)

They've grown already i'll show you some pics tonight guys :)


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Thanks John and Jimmy

So today is V+7

The T° is 26° for a 50 to 60% HR


The girls are doing great, i've burried a little mila, so now she is doing good ^^

I've watered them today with a light mix of Nitrozyme, Bio Heaven and AlgAmic

I put them under plastic bottles with holes as the humidity is a little low in the room, this way the leaves don't get too dry

Enough talking i'll post somme pics of the last 3 days to see the evolution, they really grow pretty fast ^^

So let's start with Mila the elder one :)







And The exodus







I just received Franco's nutes but the packets were not closed properly so most of the packets are not full i'll try to see which one are not too much empty.

Have a great day everyone.


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Yes herbalizer i did, but it is the kalashnikova ;)

Now the stem is strong and healthy and gettin larger :)

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