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DusT - Kalashnikova - 16/04/2011 Veg +46 F+ 79 Harvested

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Hi salvador thanks for passing by :)

In a few minutes i'll go water the girls, so you'll have some new pics tonight they have grown a lot since the last pics ;)


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Hi guys, so today is V+15

The T° is 26° for a 50% HR



So the girls are doing great, they have been drying for almost a week, mila was starting to be a little thirsty but doing ok :)

And so i've watered them today with about 4dl of water per plants, the water had been cooling for 24h in the tent so she must be at least at 20° or more.. ;)

The water has been downed to a 6,5ph and i've put in 1ltr 0,8g of franco's nute, they are still young that's why i've loweled the nute's dose, usually i don't feed so early but there, mila is starting to get some yellowish part, so i guess they will not bother for a light feeding :D

Enough words, pics are better :)

The classic group photo


Mila the kalashnikova Trifoliar, as you can see she was thirsty, but it doesn't hurt ;)


very short internoedal length yet


And the exodus, really healthy



That's it for today fellows,

Have a good week


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Hi guys a quick message to show you the girls today,

They seemed to like the watering as planned of course ;)


Have a good afternoon hunters


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Thanks blue, the kalash is a hungry plant :)

Well maybe it is because of a 3branches she needs more food, but she is definitly a hungry girl :)

I've watered the girls monday, i'll post some pictures today ;)

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Hi everyone so today is V+22

The T° is 26° for a 50% HR


The girls are doing good, i will repot them this Friday in their final 32L pots, i was waiting for the paycheck, now time has come :)

So monday i gave them 5dl of hard water Ph 6 with 1,3g of franco's nutes for 1L.

Next time will be a good flush due to the repoting, and then i'll start the nutes again. but exodus Is gonna have a lower ec than the kalash, i don't if it's due to her trifoliar gene but kalash is very hungry, so since the begining i was watering with the same mix but now, i see that the exodus needs less food.

a little view of the girls, Exodus at the front, and mila at the back


The exodus, has a very healthy grow yet, really vigorous and strong, looks like a nice strain :)


And Mila the Trifoliar ^^ She is in need of space for her roots to explod now, and i can see too as i said, that she could have a little more food, she has some yellow spots at the ends of older leaves.

Otherwise, she grows very well, very nice secondary stem development, they are already trying to reach the top leaves :)


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Thanks for coming man ;)

Hi guys so today is V+25

The T° is 26° for a 50% HR


So yesterday i've finally repoted the girls in their 32L pots, they already like it :)

As i was into the growshop, i also bought a Ph meter and Ec meter from hanna, hope it will help to have a even better growth ;)

So the girls are in Biobizz lightmix, i've watered the 32Lpots until the water flows under them, and then i gave to the girls 1L of a PH7, EC about 1,2 with franco's nutes mix.

Let's have a look at them, they were really thirsty yesterday but i had to wait for the repoting, anyway they already forgot it ;)

The Exodus, had a nice root production, always very vigorous the exodus :)



And mila, has very nice roots too, if you remember she had been burried, look like the stem did it's work :)



And finally the girls this morning


Have a good weekend hunters


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thanks for coming man :)

Yeah i've seen some very sativa pheno on the exodus if you are talking of her.

We'll maybe she will get more sativa when gettin older ;)

Have a good day

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Hi everyone, Today is V+28

The T° is 26° for a 50%HR


The girls are doing great, growing very vigorously, Mila the kalashnikova has definitly a pheno i like, side branches are already trying to reach the top of the plant :)

The exodus is doing very good too, not as much side branches as mila but i didn't excpect her to ;) I know she will grow more on high, maybe i'll trim her... i don't know yet ^^

Anyway a few pics as usual for you guys ;)


Mila the kalashnikova :)


And the Exodus


Have agood week hunters ;)


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Hi hunters, today is V+33

The T° is 26° for a 50%HR

The girls are doing great, they are in full vegetative boom! everyday they take many cm ^^

They haven't been watered since repoting almost 10 days ago, and don't need it yet ;) But it will come soon.

Today you have a video guys ;)

Have a good movie

[More videos from battimmy]


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Sorry the quality is worst than on my computer, so i'll take some nice pics tomorrow ;) or this afternoon maybe :D

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Hi hunters, as promised here are some pics at V+34

The T° is 27° for a 60%HR


I had prepared the water to do a little watering tonight as it's been 10 days since last flush, but girls are not asking for it yet so i'll wait a little more ;)

They are turned of 1/4 everyday to get the same amount of light everywhere.

Here are the pics ;)

The classic group photo,

on the left corner we have the Exodus With 45cm And on the right corner we have Mila the kalash, with 41cm


Mila, the kalashnikova


The top of mila


And on of her, very strong already, secondary branche


And the Exodus


The top of the exodus


That's it for today hunters,

Have a great afternoon


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Hi everyone today is V+36

The T° is 27° for a 50% HR


So it'w now almost 2 weeks since last watering, and girls keep exploding, the exodus is starting to have a very interesting development, very christhmas tree, very Sativa!

Mila is a little more bushy, but is still very wide, and has her secondary stem so strong!! there is gonna be yeild on this branches!! :D

And another good news, Mila has declared herself a FEMALE :)

I'm gonna leave them a little longer in veg as i only have 2 girls and aiming for the same results than with 4

I've noticed that when you leave the girls in a long veg period, the stretch when passing into 12/12 is less important than usual my plants use to take 20cm max during there stretch period, that's why i leave them longer ;)

anyway have a look at my babies ^^

Starting with the christmas tree, AkA the Exodus :) You can take the paper towel as a reference



And Mila the early declared girl ^^



LADIIIEES AND GENTLELELELELELELEMAN! Let me introduce to you The 1st PORN pics of This GroW



Have a good night everyone,

See ya in a few days


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Thanks guys for passing by, The girls keep growing vigorously :D

Damn they won't get their leaves down and ask for water.. Anyway i think tomorrow i'll water, it will be 15 days without watering!

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thank you for your interest john :)

Finally leaves are starting to slowly lay down, so this afternoon i'll give them som water with franco's nutes ec around 1,6

See ya tonight fellows ;)


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Hi everyone today is V+38

The T° is 28° for a 40%HR


So yesterday i've watered the girls finally!

The water had been cooling for 4 days, 2L per plants at a PH of 6,5

I added about 3,5g of franco's nutes for a 1,6 EC

seems like they liked it as always ^^ next time i think i'll gor a Flush and i won't be far away from passing into flowering (in 14days i think)

Anyway here are the pics

The classic group photo ;)


Mila The kalash. She is now 51cm high, so 10cm of growth in 5 days (last measure the 23rd may)


And the Exodus, She is now 56cm high, so 11cm of Growth in 5 days


That's it for today people ;)

Have a good night


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