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DusT - Kalashnikova - 16/04/2011 Veg +46 F+ 79 Harvested

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Hi lamsbread thanks for coming :)

No the kalash is not the only one to have trifoliate gen, there are few of them that can, tho i don't think that Every strain can turn tri.. But anyway i was pretty happy with this one, it makes nice short internoedal length, nice flowers,... some people will tell you not to keep it because it's a genetic "mistake" and some will do anything they can to make seeds that produce trifiolate, So it's up to You to use it ;)

And i must say the kalash has the biggest amount of trifiolate yet through all seeds i've seen, considering the number of them on the forum.

Have a good day ;)

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Hi dust thanks for the info, and an excellent grow report (i have given you 5 stars)teeth_smile.gif

As for the people who think genetic mutation is a mistake they don't under stand how evolution works.

Life adapts to it's surrounding and it's the ones that can adapt to thier surroundings, which are the ones that survive.

Breeding (husbandry) is essentially assisted evolution, crossing strains and then back crossing to produce a stable genetic that produce consistant results with the traits we desire.

when we find a mutated strain, we need to find out if the genetics have traits that will prove benificial to our breeding requirements.

In the past Cannabis Ruderalis could have been viewed as a gentic mistake, small, weedy, low thc , neither good for smoking or textiles but it did have an auto flowering genetic.

I remember when i first saw Ruderalis gentics in Sensi Seeds "Ruderalis Skunk", I thought wow a strain that is independant of photoperiod, how cool is that.

Years later The Joint Doctor introduced us to "Loweryder" a dwaft automatic strain, that once again used the ruderalis genetic.

When a unique genetic is found it should not be automatically discounted but examined and studied, because as with Ruderalis, its benefits may not be instantly reconised.

If unique genetics are lost we may never see them again and along with it the benefits which may have proved to be the key to a new generation of strains.

To a Strain Hunters it is the discovery of new and exciting gentics that makes us Strain Hunters.

If the doubters take a look at your beautiful and amazing gentic mistakes(trifoliates) growing in your growroom, then maybe they will think twice about spouting such nonsense.

Vive la différenceteeth_smile.gif

May you have joy in all that you do

Happy growingwink_smile.gif

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Thanks a lot everyone for your sweet words :D

And for the touch of humor too ;)

And lamsbread i agree with you :) i would'nt matter personaly i would try to cross it ;)

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Great attitude Dust , i tip my hat to youteeth_smile.gif

When it comes to what people believe, here is something i like to remember.

Believe nothing because a wise man said it.

Believe nothing just because a belief is generaly held.

Believe nothing because it is in ancient books.

Believe nothing because it is said to be of divine origin.

Believe nothing because somebody else believes it.

Believe only what you, yourself test and judge to be true.

Go forth and cultivate


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Hi hunters Today is F+79 and it's the final Grow report.


SO I just finished to cut the kalash, and i think she's gonna give a nice yeild wink.png

LOOOOTS of leave on this kalash, i think it is due to the trifiolate pheno that provides the 3rd stem so that's makes more leaves at each level, but the result is also a very tight bud formation.

So it's a good and a bad thing, good in the way that it probably produces a little more than a "normal" pheno but having such a tight internoeadl length between the buds also makes lots of dead leaves that are "stuck' between the flowers and hiden, so i've tryed to take as much of those dead leaves as i could, i will finish take them off when i will split the buds once dried i hope it won't make moisture, but as i know it i'll be careful wink.png

So i show you some pics of mila and when she'll be dry and put in the jars i'll do my Final report about the strains and nutes and everything that as to be said ^^

Here are the pics wink.png





Now girl is hanging in the tent with the extractor on minimum, Weather is really warm this days so i think she'll dry in a week, or less maybe, i'll finish her in the glass jars wink.png

See you soon hunters


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gor lummy, Mila is a bud monster!teeth_smile.gif

R-E-S-P-E-C-T ,Dust.

Can't say anymore , a picture is worth a thousand words.

Good work fella, just got to wait to see next grow.

I await dry weight andf smoke report.

Peace to the highest


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Hi everyone so kalash as been put into the jars , And she gave me Greeeat results 156G out of that bitch :D

There are like 30 to 40g of little fluffy nuggets, and more than 100G of top buds, well tight and ready to cure :)

So that ends my grow with a nice 256G out of 2 plants, so i'm kind of proud ^^ I've reached my goal that was 160g for those who can't remember (stoooner :P )

I'll do the proper smoke test as soon as kalash is ready to be tested ;)

So i'm gonna try to put some pics i don't know if it works :s



That bud weighted something like 20g



Here have a great week hunters, and a BIG thanks again to GHS Team!!


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