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I am interested in seed from South Africa and Tunisia.

Unfortunately, both countries have made Cannabis illegal and likely lost landrace strains.

I could give the right environment to maintain genetic traits.


There is no value in strain hunting, if your conditions impart changes in genetics.

We understand this from the sourcing and growing of crops in general horticulture.

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Sorry friend, but it is not allowed to exchange, buy or sell seeds in this forum. It is grounds for expulsion.

We hope to have good news soon about the strains you comment. For the time being, just enjoy the forum :)

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I wanted to use Pollen from Divine but didn't have a Male available.

In fact, the only Male version of divine was a plant from first batch of seed that I put aside as the most likely female.

The last 7 divine germination's have been female, which is a little unusual for standard seed.

In order to get a Male Divine, I have 16 seedlings growing. It will be interesting to test the odds.

Have cuttings of the said BB, in preparation and believe this will be a killer cross.

Divine is a very potent plant when flowered for extended period, buds are dense like leather.


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On 8/2/2021 at 8:48 AM, Jose.gh said:

We hope to have good news soon about the strains you comment.

I have been very busy crossing strains from previous breeding.

I have found a few (White Widow x Big Bud) x Pakistan Valley that have remained short and stocky.

Even better is one Critical Mass x Pakistan Valley, is medium plant with very large wide leaf.

Do you have this good news for me?


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On 11/3/2021 at 12:31 PM, bridgeman said:

hello friend, it's great that you are interested in crossbreeding and breeding, it is a fantastic world full of opportunities....

Yes, I have kept a very sweet Bruce Banner #3 and Strong Dinafem Gorilla.

The Gorilla is difficult to take from cutting, it takes a long time, even with higher temps..

The BB3 is very easy for strong cuttings, 26C seems to work good.

It has taken this long to build reliable stock for crosses.


I plan to convert cuttings from each to Males.

A separate area for opposite direction crosses.

It is about preserving a bit of Gorilla and hoping for healthier cuttings.

Also the first cross with quality material, since Divine Male x Another Dinafem Gorilla.


I like Divine standard in every form, the diversity in plant size and flavor, and uniformity in potency.

As a Male in cross, it tends to promote single stem growth, but there are also gems yet to be found. 


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