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OSSC Bruce Banner #3 is swapped out with Northern Lights - repeating pattern.


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I am going to start again, because my earlier assumptions were wrong.


The seeds were OSSC BB#3 through a Seedbank.

Today I have been testing fully matured material from the Unknown Plant.

Can confirm it has the unique flavour of northern lights, and little THC.

Exactly the same as Northern Lights from Female Seeds.



Previously it was a tall worthless Sativa in repack of Old Dinafem OG Kush.

The actual number of genuine product is impossible to know with duds.

Dinafem claims to not supply the Bank, meaning the item is going through 3 traders.

The only person losing is the end customer.



It seems some older product of BB#3 is mixed with leftovers to make Companies novelty pack!

Would not surprise me to know, if this dishonesty is more frequent between selected continents.


From an anniversary repack of OSSC BB#3 I ended up with one good novelty item.

Not complaining about the quality, just the rubbish received with it.


Crossing requires trust that the novelty item is from said genetics.

The work was done with BBX, and all will be destroyed.


I would really like industry to understand, ruthless behavior only leads to more regulation.

Companies allow their old product to be re-marketed because it is only about profits.

Reminds me of school days, when kids robbed plants like it was a profession.

They say Cannabis doesn't make people violent, which isn't exactly correct.

Try and make good.



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I would like to leave a Message to Seed Industry.
I am just a grower with a few sick patients.

There are times when removing original packaging is done by the Seed Grower Company.
The size of seed companies and the seed demand tells me you sell a shitload to Banks or resellers.
No one believes that resellers are invisible to the Grower of Seed, but visible to public.

So when I hear a Company ask me about the packaging of another person’s post, I take offense.

I have been a member of a few forums, and stop using many because of Seed Groupie Behaviour.
Like in other industries, you have more Seed Groupies then regular members, and each Seed Groupie has multiple accounts.
The sites have turned into hermies, strain bashing or supporting with 90% copy and paste from OverGrow.

The behaviour of companies is copied by their supporters and vice versa.

When I raise the question of a BB#3 plant, the Grow Company told me plants can grow differently in other places.
We paid for your product. My argument is, you folks need to take responsibility for sales of which you profited….

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