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Guest superbluehaze

hi Franco,

I will be there but will not need a tour, as I am marrying a Dutch national;

I hope we can meet along with other Strain Hunters and have a smoke together.

take care,


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sound man i was expecting to be about 100 each way but its good to know that. boat sounds good not that far from a port, i am in scotland, what about yourself.

i was going to see if there was a few of us going we could all just chip in and rent holiday home or something, it would defo be cheaper than us all paying single. if anyone is up for this let me know teeth_smile.gif

cheers again papa lazaru

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Think your talking like 50-100.

I got to sort passport out,pm me were in UK you are as Im wanting to go this year and wouldnt mind meeting up with people to go over with

Im in west mids,I think you can stick car on ferry but Tokage was saying you can rent a car for 200 euro for a week or 2,if it brakes,no charge they replace it.

Im sure 500 euro should cover ferry/hotel and car but Im thinking a 1000.

Drop me a pm friend request and we will sort some think.

Think toke said you can get like 4 people hoteled for 200 euro.

Fingers crossed il be over but with my luck this year haha I dunno

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Im up for that,dunno were closest port is to me but for hotel/car and stuff for say 4 for a week?m up for that.

Yea use to be like £20 return for ferry,been a while for me though,quite sad aint it really.

I think franco should come pick us all up from our homes lol

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Definatley trying to make it over this year for sure, been trying to plan it! just down to my work schedule if it allows it at the time.

Will be a good one! Lets hope ot all plans out.

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right im coming for sure see u all there ill were a t shurt with me name on it so u know me JEFFHIPPY it say any one want to share diggs great (earthman) teeth_smile.gif see u all there look out for the hippy t shirt ok people franco if u read this i want a big huge !!! and the boss he be there too hopefully cant wait ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
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